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This 6-page paper discusses specific examples of how technology has impacted personal finance. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Personal Finance / Estate Planning

This 22 page paper studies the importance of estate/will planning in personal finance. The writer discusses a number of personal issues including reasons for estate planning, procedures, and so forth. Legal issues, taxes, and other possible pitfalls...
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Book Report: Finance

A 7 page report on "Finance" by Groppelli and Nikbakht, a volume of the Barron's Business Review Series. The book focuses on the finance associated with investments and includes discussions of capital budgeting, risk, capital structure and other...
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Personal Statement

This 3 page paper is a personal statement for a student wishes to gain a place at in an MSc in Energy Trade and Finance course. The reasons for the chosen course and who the student expects to benefit from the course are all discussed.
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Campaign Finance

This 5 page paper provides an overview of issues related to campaign finance and campaign finance reform. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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This 4-page paper describes the philosphy of public finance, and how it differs from corporate finance. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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A Corporate Finance Director and Taxes

This 5 page report discusses the role of the finance director in a corporation and some of the necessary concerns he or she must deal with, especially in relationship to taxation. This paper is based on an interview with a woman who serves as...
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Behavioural Finance

This 12 page paper answers three questions concerning behavioural finance. The first question looks at how and why a choice might be made when there is a certain amount of money and then a risk with a 50% chance of doubling the money and a 50%...
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Kuwait Finance House

This 3 page paper is a broad overview of Kuwait Finance House. Starting with a general description of Islamic banking the paper outlines why Kuwait Finance House has been so successful, how they have differentiated themselves and their major areas...
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The Problems of Raising Project Finance for Renewable Energy Projects

This 7 page paper looks at the problems that are faced by energy companies when trying to raise project finance for renewable energy investments. The concept of project finance and the reasons why raising capital in this way is difficult are...
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Islamic Banking and Finance

This 12 page paper looks at Islamic banking and finance. This 12 page paper looks at the history and development of Islamic banking and finance, the characteristics of the Islamic banking, the different types of products that are available as well...
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A nine page paper which offers a profile of New Jersey senator Bill Bradley, looking at his personal history, his political career, and his stance on issues such as finance, the environment, education, gun control, drugs, global economics and...
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This 10-page paper discusses various views on entrepreneurial finance from a venture capital point of view. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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This 11-page paper discusses international finance and models, and explains what models could be used in the future. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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This 7-page paper provides a financial analysis of Household Finance, Corp. a subsidiary of Household International. The essay touches on the background of the corporation, analyzes its performance and provides recommendations for investment....
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Campaign Finance Reform

This 8 page paper explores the role of money in political campaigns. Campaign finance reform is recommended but both sides of the issue are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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This 3-page paper focuses on questions concerning healthcare, finance and accounting. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Principles Of Finance

This 8 page research paper outlines some of the most fundamental principles of finance and makes an argument in supporting the premise that there are more regularities than anomalies in the financial market place based on the fact that an anomaly so...
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American Finance

A 14 page paper which discusses the history and present condition of American finance. An underlying focus of the paper is on Alexander Hamilton for it was he who perhaps began many of the financial policies of this country. Bibliography lists...
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The World of International Corporate Finance

A 30 page paper discussing numerous aspects of the world of corporate finance and corporate organizational/operational systems from a primarily financial perspective. Bibliography lists 18 sources.
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Finance and Accounting Problems

4 pages addresses 2 accounting and finance problems. The first involves Banbury Corporation
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Business Finance

This 5 page paper provides an overview of business finance, inclusive of mock interviews to demonstrate the importance of accurate record keeping and savvy decision making. Concepts explored include the evaluation of trends for small business. ...
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This 3-page paper provides an example of interview questions geared toward a finance executive; in this case, a CFO of a company. The paper also provides potential answers from the fictitious "interviewee." No bibliography sources used.
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The History of London as a Center for Trade and Finance

This is an 8 page paper discussing the developmental of London as an international center for trade and finance. Since the invasions of the Romans until the international commerce market which stands today, London has long been considered the center...
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Objectives of Corporate Finance

This 3 page paper looks at the objectives of corporate finance management and how its management can help to increase shareholder wealth. The bibliography cites 3 sources.
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