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The Realities of Feminist Economics

This 25 page report discusses various aspects of feminist economics and argues that masculine methodological forms and parameters imposed on economic theory and the control stance have kept economists and the science of economics from considering...
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The Economics of Gender

This 5 page paper looks at gender and society and whether or not economics plays a key role in equality. The paper contends that economics is separate and apart from other factors. Writings by Hartmann and Engels are utilized in the discussion. ...
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The Historical Impact of Hamiltonian Economics

A 5 page research paper detailing the impact of Hamiltonian Economics from the time when Alexander Hamilton was Secretary of the Treasury to the present day. An analysis of the basic concepts of Hamiltonian Economics presents their impact during...
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Development Economics

This 3 page paper is a response to three articles that ;look at the issue of development economics and why development economies is, or should be seen, as separated from mainstream, economics. The response supports this proposition. The bibliography...
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Jobs Available for Economics Graduates

5 pages. This forward-looking paper gives students an idea of what they can look forward to in the career of economics; those who have chosen to major in economics have many different routes they can take for their career lives, and this major is...
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Participatory Economics

A 30 page paper on the definition, historical perspective, development and application of particpatory economics in Japan and Islam. The paper posits that this signifies a change from the absolutist politics of Keynesian economics, while...
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Economics and Baseball

5 pages. Describes the changes that have occurred in the sport of baseball over the years, making it more a game of economics and high salaries rather than just a sport to be enjoyed on a Saturday afternoon. The economics of the sport has...
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Experimental Economics

A 5 page research paper exploring the history and use of experimental economics in today's world. While the history of experiments is long in the field of economics, it is only in the last decade that the evidence collected has received any...
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Keynesian Economics vs. 'Feel-Good' Economics

A 6 page paper that argues for a return to conservative Keynesian economics for the purpose of a more secure expansion of the global market into the 21st Century. The writer makes numerous empirical and subjective arguments toward this point, while...
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This 6-page paper involves a discussion between Keynesian economics and those supported by the Chicago School of economics.
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This 4-page paper discusses airline economics and price wars. Bibliography lists 1 source.
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Kahneman's Contribution to the Field of Economics

This 5 page paper examines this man who has contributed much to both psychology and economics. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Ethical Economics in Insurance Companies

A 7 page paper which presents information pertaining to ethical, and unethical, economics which exist in life insurance companies. The paper presents this focus as an example of ethics in the field of economics as it relates to all business, not...
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Economics and the Elderly

A 5 page paper discussing the concerns of the elderly today in regards to economics. With many people living longer and the impending reality of the baby-boomers who are creeping into the golden years, the issues which are involved in regards to...
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Supply Side Economics

5 pages in length. Supply side economics started with Say's Law. This was a bsic tenet of classical macroeconomics. This law says that supply creates its own demand. It concentrates on supply as the driving mechanism of the macro system and...
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Economics and Nursing

This 4 page paper looks at issues of economics and nursing. The first part of the paper defines the terms economics, supply and demand, macroeconomics, microeconomics, elasticity and inelasticity. The second part of the paper summarizes three...
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A Comparison of New Classical Economics with Keynesian Economics

This 5 page paper compares and contrasts these two schools of economic thought to identify their similarities and differences. The bibliography cites 3 sources.
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Economics: Steeped in Ideology

7 pages in length. This paper attests to the claim that economics is based not only on scientific theory but on ideology as well. By denying the ideological roots of economics we deny the fact that the economy is based in any way on human input...
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Aspects of Economics

This well rounded informative 20 page paper looks at different aspects of business economics in order to give a clear and decisive description of the aspects and their influence. Aspects of economics covered include elasticity of price, income and...
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This 10-page paper offers the economics that go into buying a house. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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History/Economics of the Slave Trade

15 pages. Explores the history and economics of both the North and the South before, during and after the Civil War. Bibliography lists 17 sources.
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This 3-page paper discusses the institution of Hisbah as it pertains to economics. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Questions on Economics

This 8 page paper answers questions posed by the student regarding economics issues. The paper includes an outline and explanation of the concept of diminishing return, aspects of economics such as pricing in a monopoly, the calculation of...
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An Overview of Keynesian Economics

This 3 page paper provides information on economics as provided by John Maynard Keynes. His ideas are discussed in context of contemporary society as well as in terms of theory. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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(The) Economics of Management

8 pages containing a series of short essays which pertain to economics and its role in contemporary corporate management. Various advanced-level terms are thoroughly defined.
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