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Medical Marijuana

The thesis of this 10 page paper is that there is a medical necessity for the legal use of marijuana. There is significant evidence that supports the benefits of THC, a chemical found in marijuana, is beneficial for sufferers of cancer, AIDS and glaucoma. Though THC is available in tablet form, many seriously ill patients cannot take the oral medication, and many complain that the pill is ineffective. If the use of marijuana can significantly reduce the suffering of severely ill individuals, it is a civic and political necessity to promote legal use.

Medical Marijuana # 2

A 22 page paper that considers the opposing perspectives on the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This paper provides both pros and cons and than provides support for the legal use of marijuana for the treatment of symptoms of serious illnesses. Bibliography with 10 sources cited.

California's Proposition 215: Medical Marijuana

The issue of legalization of marijuana is a complicated mixture of social, political, ethical, medical and legal considerations. In the United States, marijuana has been deemed a dangerous drug with severe consequences for possession and distribution. California has taken the lead in declaring a willingness to acknowledge the medicinal value of marijuana. By voting for Proposition 215, they have validated the personal accounts of many people who suffer from AIDS, cancer and other illnesses who are not able to use the synthetic prescription form of marijuana now available. This 10 page paper argues that denying cancer and AIDS patients, paraplegics and epileptics access to a potentially useful medicine that is safer than most legally prescribed drugs is inhumane. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Medical Marijuana Should be Legal

This 6 page paper takes the position that marijuana should be legalized, and sold by prescription, throughout the United States for medical purposes. The opposing view is discussed and refuted. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Should The United States Legalize Medical Marijuana Use?

5 pages in length. The double-edged argument over the benefits and drawbacks of medical marijuana is one that continues to rage between those who support the idea of legalizing physician-prescribed cannabis and those who contend such a decision would open the floodgates for abuse and allow for the legalization of other, more dangerous drugs. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

Medical Marijuana

A 7 page paper which examines the pros and cons of medical marijuana and illustrates how medical marijuana can prove very beneficial to many. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Medical Marijuana

A 4 page paper which examines medical marijuana and supports legalization of medical marijuana. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Reasons Why Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

This 3 page paper examines the controversy. While both sides are discussed, the paper takes a pro stance on the issue of legalization. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Medical Marijuana: A Source of Conflict

This 5 page paper discusses the use of marijuana as a treatment for severe medical conditions. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

An Argument Against the Legalization of Medical Marijuana

This 5 page paper argues that there is more known about the negatives of marijuana use than there is any positives. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


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