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Legal Issues Surrounding Corporate, Partnership, Estate, & Gift Taxation

A 12 page paper discussing the current laws and/or regulations that directly concern the area of taxation in relationship to corporations, partnerships, estates, and gifts. These are complicated and multifaceted dimensions of taxation. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is discussed in regards to corporate taxation, and all other forms of taxation under examination as this is the most recent legal action involving these areas. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Mandatory Drug Testing in the Workplace # 2 / Legal Issues

A 6 page research paper on the laws governing drug testing -- using three case examples to illustrate points made. The writer details constitutional, federal and state laws, problems with drug testing, and what practical things management can do. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Revocation Of Probation Or Parole / Legal Issues

8 pages in length. An in-depth look at legal arguments and Supreme Court decisions concerning the issue of probation/parole revocation and whether or not probation/parolees should have many of the same rights as civilians or be treated exactly like prisoners in jail. For the most part, it is concluded that current law still mandates the acquisition of a search warrant when looking for reasons to make an arrest but that the terms of probable cause should indeed be reduced due to the unique relationship that exists between the probation/parolee and their case officer. Bibliography lists 6 article references and several legal citations.

High Speed Pursuits / Legal Issues

A 14 page close review of several civil liability and immunity cases concerning police officers involved in high speed pursuits. Main cases considered include County of Sacramento v. Lewis, Travis v. City of Mesquite, City of Lancaster v. Chambers, Wadewitz v. Montgomery, and Seekamp v. Michaud. The writer posits that findings in these cases do not grant immunity, but do make police officers liable for court costs and damages in civil actions. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

The Right To Die / Legal Issues & The Quinlan Case

The sociolegal controversy over an individual's right to die is one that has attempted to re-define death and to question when it actually occurs (i.e., brain death or heart death ?). This 2 page essay looks at the infamous Karen Quinlan case in which the Supreme Court granted Ms. Quinlan's family the right to let her die (ruling that "No compelling interest of the state could compel her to endure the unendurable") -- but she continued to live on anyway after being removed from life-sustaining medical equipment. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Various Legal Issues

A 5 page paper which discusses, and summarizes, three separate legal cases. The paper also summarizes an article about a legal issue concerning adoption in foreign countries. The legal cases are as follows: Case #1 : Bankruptcy, Case #2: Federal Trade Commission, and Case #3: Employment Law. Each case is broken down into facts, arguments, issue, decision--if there is one--, and analysis. No additional sources cited.

Bankruptcy & Legal Issues

12 pages in length. Writer provides a comprehensive overview of Bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Bankruptcy Revision, the differences between Chapter 11 and Chapter 13, etc;. Writer uses the case of Orange County, California, a government body that filed for Bankruptcy in the mid-1990's. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Product Recalls - Ethical and Legal Issues

This 4 page report discusses issues associated with product recall and the manufacturer?s liabilities and obligations to inform consumers as well as remedy the problem. Several circumstances are outlined in which this usually complicated legal issue may be examined in terms of production and marketing. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Computer Hackers and Internet Regulation in Canada: A View of the Legal Issues

This 12 page paper considers the issue of computer hacking and Internet regulation and the specific legal view in Canada. This paper considers whether there is a clear legal situation in Canada regarding computer hacking and what cases have emerged in Canada as a result of the overall lack of specific legal determinations. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

Legal Issues In Nursing

This 10 page paper looks at a the arguments presented in a legal brief asking the court to rule on the participation of nurses in a court ordered euthanasia by depriving the patient of food and water. Bibliography lists 8 sources.


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