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Educational Attitudes Of Caribbean Blacks / Gender Differences & Cultural Norms

A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the attitudes of Caribbean (non-Hispanic) blacks and considers the implications for educational planning. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Gender Roles and American Popular Culture

A 5 page essay on culture and gender roles. The writer details how education, popular culture, and advertising both reflect and create gender roles. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Gender and Self-Esteem

A 5 page paper on the topic of gender roles and self-esteem. The writer describes how society's expectations has influenced adolescents' perception of themselves.

Women Contesting the Gender Ideals of Late Imperial China

A 5 page paper which examines the historical social, textual and bodily practices which constructed the ideals of the female gender and women's ability to contest these gender boundaries in late Imperial China. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Gender, Age, & Cultural Diversity in the Workplace of Hewlett-Packard

In 5 pages the author discusses gender, age, and cultural diversity in the workplace of Hewlett-Packard. "Hewlett-Packard is a company that is implementing a cultural diversity program. The company is managing the diversity of race, sex, and culture in its workplace. This is very forward thinking on the part of HP. They realize the necessity for diversity and they are taking the steps to make HP on the cutting edge of human resources diversity in the workplace." Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Gender Studies In Saturday Morning Marketing

An 8 page paper looking at the content of both children's TV shows and the commercials within them from a gender view. Shows discussed are Looney Tunes (Porky Pig), Captain Planet and Muppet Babies. Commercials discussed are those for Oreo Cookies, a motorcycle that comes with a wrench for making bike parts move, triplet babies, and ever-present Barbie. The paper concludes that though there are some instances of gender-specific focus, children's programming seems to be much less gender-biased than in years past. Bibliography lists two sources.

Gender Sensitivity Training In The Workplace

A 10 page paper discussing the importance of gender sensitivity training in the workplace and how it can increase a company's success and lower operating costs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Gender Differences In Planning For & Dealing With Retirement

While this 6 page paper explores retirement issues, the focus is on gender differences. Primarily a literature review, this look at the issue of retirement is extensive and explores such factors as retirement anxiety, proper planning and gender differences in the working world in general. Bibliography lists 6 sources

The Merits of Gender Parity in the Canadian Legislature

This 10 page paper reflects upon the issue of gender parity and the call to address the general sense of inequality in the Canadian Legislature. This paper considers the benefits of a higher degree of diversification and the importance of a greater level of representation for women and also reflects increasing feminist trends. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Communications / Gender Similarities

A 10 page research example on gender differences in communication. The writer develops a thesis based on studies in nonverbal communications, gender differences, demand-withdrawal, and other studies and commentaries that support the idea that the reported differences are in fact false. Even research geared toward gender differences has been inconclusive, and it is apparent in social interactions that there are more similarities than differences. Bibliography lists 13 sources.


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