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Video Gaming and its Effect on Gender Identity

This 16 page paper takes a look at media's effect on gender roles. Video games are the focus as they tend to categorize women into two groups. The thesis of this paper is that messages provided by video games affect behavior of males and females and is especially dangerous for young women. Specific video games and characters are provided as examples to support the thesis. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Women and Gender in the Iron Age

A 5 page research paper that examines what has been determined concerning women and gender roles in the Iron Age. The writer argues that women may have had more status within these societies then was previously thought. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

"Anthropology" By Andrea Lee: Conflict

5 pages in length. Andrea Lee's Anthropology delves deeply into the preconceived notions of the inherent separation between black and white. Even though her southern family may live a life entrenched within white mores, the protagonist does not allow them to forget from whence they came, and she does so in such a public fashion that it makes them recoil in contempt and disbelief. The extent to which race, gender and ethnicity play a critical role in Lee's (2003) story is both grand and far-reaching; that the author's central character would go so far as to call her own family 'black' and be openly chastised for it speaks to the degrading tone associated with - and the desire to retreat from - the stigma of race. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

"Cuba: Neither Heaven Nor Hell" by Maria Lopez Vigil

A 5 page paper which discusses the changes in Cuba, as they primarily involve gender issues, which are related in Maria Lopez Vigil's book "Cuba: Neither Heaven Nor Hell." No additional sources cited.

"Gender Stereotyping in the English Language" By Laurel Richardson

A 5 page summary overview of the article, along with critical commentary on the author's findings. No additional sources are used.

"Boys Don't Cry": Historical Implications Of Gender Assumption

6 pages in length. The impact of historical American gender assumptions and gender expectations upon Brandon Teena, the main character in 1999's Boys Don't Cry, illustrates the perpetual cycle of racism that has permeated society for centuries. When the student considers the extent to which Teena goes in order to live life as a male, rather than the biological female genetic composition with which she was born, it becomes very clear how unevolved society is as a whole when it comes to people living outside the ever-stringent boundaries of social dictates. Bibliography lists 5 sources.TLCboys.rtf

"Bring It On": How The Film Shapes World Views In Terms Of Gender, Race, Class And Sexuality

7 pages in length. Peyton Reed's 2000 production of Bring It On, a film that humorously portrays issues of teenage sex, is a primary example of how contemporary film shapes social views in terms of gender, race, class and sexuality. The manner by which this movie tends to instruct people how to perceive themselves relates to the influence that popular culture has over the general public. The image of power, gender and class roles in popular culture reflects significant patriarchal control, with the manipulation of the female gender a pertinent component of its objective. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

"Charles Atlas Also Dies": A Discussion of the Societal Construct of Male Gender

A 5 page discussion of the implications of male gender found in the short story by Sergio Ramirez. Typically when we consider gender we consider how the societal construct of the female gender has impacted women. In Ramirez's short story, however, we see that the societal construct of gender can also impact men. Sometimes these impacts are positive but other times they can be quite negative. Most often, directly or indirectly, they involve both men and women in controlling positions. No additional sources are listed.

"Lysistrata" And "The Wife Of Bath" - Sex As Power In A Relationship

4 pages in length. Throughout history, women have had one ? and only one ? trump card to play in an otherwise patriarchal society. The female gender has routinely been oppressed, degraded and made to feel less than a human being all in keeping with the heavy-handed tactics of a male-oriented existence. With nothing else to use as a weapon against such inhumane treatment, women have long withheld sex as a means by which to get their counterparts' attention; nowhere is this more evident than in such early works as "Lysistrata" and "The Wife of Bath." Bibliography lists 4 sources.

"The Concubine's Children" by Denise Chong

A 5 page paper which examines different incidents in Denise Chong's "The Concubine's Children." The incidents, or events, discussed are those which help to illustrate how complex the Chinese culture is as it relates to issues such as culture shock, family relationships, marital relationships, gender roles, and social interaction. No additional sources cited.


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