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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Quickly Can I Receive A Paper?

Since we never close and we're open 365 DAYS PER YEAR - we deliver virtually ALL papers within 5-6 hours! Even if you order at 3am, you CAN expect your request to be fulfilled by 9am at the very latest!

Need it even FASTER? No Problem!! When you reach the section of the order form to "Choose Your Deadlines" simply check the box to send the paper within 30 minutes and your paper will be emailed or faxed to your MUCH faster! Order an essay or term paper TODAY from

Q. How Can I Receive A Paper Today?

Any of our THOUSANDS of model term papers and essays can be sent via e-mail, fax or FedEx�.

E-mail of course is the fastest and easiest method. When you are ready to order a model term paper or essay from our site, the instructions and delivery options will be clearly defined on our order form. If you require additional information or if you have a special delivery request, just let us know via email.

Q. May I See A Sample Of Your Work Prior To Ordering?

Rather than us post a sample page from a random example of one super-quality papers that are in our database, RESEARCHHAVEN.COM allows you view a FREE ONE PAGE excerpt from any of our THOUSANDS of ESSAYS AND TERM PAPER EXAMPLES prior to ordering! Please email usEmail: papers@with the FILE NAME of the paper or essay that you wish to preview... we'll send you an excerpt by e-mail quickly.

YOUR-ESSAY.COM encourages all students to view a portion of the paper that they are about to purchase, as we are excited to have you inspect a our work prior to buying it. This allows you to make an educated purchase and feel confident!

Q. What Does One Page Consist Of?

All essays and papers are advertised and sold in the 12 point Courier New style font with one inch margins. All of our papers are based on an average of 225 words per page and almost all of essays and papers come complete with FREE BIBLIOGRAPHIES or FREE WORK CITED pages.

Q. Can I Turn Your Paper In As My Own?

NO, NOT ALL. When using the ideas from another author in your own paper, it is a MUST that you cite the source properly. You will receive instructions on how to cite us properly upon receiving our model essay or term paper. You can find our author's name & date of the creation on the first page of almost any paper we sell. If you are unsure of whether or not your professor will allow this as a source in YOUR paper -- please consult he or she prior to making any purchase from this site.

Q. What If I Don't Like The Paper?

We invite you to become educated regarding the contents of any  model essay or term paper that you are about to purchase and use for the sole purpose of assistance in writing your own paper. We send out hundreds of one page samples each day to thousands of students. Kindly write us an email and include the filename of the paper and we will be happy to send you a FREE one page excerpt. You may also ask what style was used, such as APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago Manual, Harvard Business etc... or when the paper was written.  Knowing how many sources  were used is just one more question that a well informed student will ask prior to ordering their  paper. Ask us virtually anything prior to ordering, as ALL sales are final and NO REFUNDS are offered.

For any information please do not hesitate to contact us at: Email: papers@

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