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Academic papers on Superstition, Cults & More Ancient Beliefs

A 5 page paper looking at Shakespeare
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Macbeth / The Control of The Witches
In 5 pages, the author argues the thesis that Macbeth in William Shakespeare's 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' is controlled by the witches. The question of whether or not Macbeth is independent in his thinking or whether he is controlled by witches is one...
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William Shakespeare's Hamlet and Macbeth / The Theme of Supernatural: Ghosts, and Witches
In 5 pages, the author compares and contrasts the theme of supernatural in 'The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' and 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' by William Shakespeare. In the plays, there are many themes. One of the most apparent themes in each...
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This 5 page report discusses Taoism and its key principles, specifically stillness, yin/yang, and wu wei (will-lessness). It also compares Taoism thought regarding enlightenment with the Buddhist concept of Nirvana. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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The Meaning of Satori
A 1 page research paper that offers a definition of the Zen Buddhist term 'satori,' which the writer defines as a Buddhist concept for describing an elevated understanding that comes as sign of enlightenment. Bibliography lists 1 source.
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Meditation: Transcending the Boundaries of Everyday Experience
A 1 page discussion of meditation. Defines transcendental and discusses how meditation allows one to transcend everyday experience. Uses Prince Siddhartha of the Buddhist religion as an example. Bibliography lists 1 source.
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The Trial Of Abigail Williams
The Crucible, by Arthur Miller is a play set in the year 1692, in Salem Massachusetts. On the surface, the topic is the witch trials, how they how they grew and how they affected the lives of the people of Salem. This 5 page paper puts one of the...
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Witchcraft in Europe
This 5 page paper considers the view of witchcraft in Europe according to E. W Monter
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Understanding Paganism
3 pages in length. When one hears the word
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Religion and Power / The Politics of Religion in England from the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century
This 8 page paper considers the hypothesis that religion is ultimately a tool that is used to control people. Example of the crusades, King Henry VIII and the witch hunts are cited to demonstrate this relations between religion power and control.The...
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The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 / The Economic, Social, and Anthropological Impact of Puritan Thought
This 20 page paper takes a look at the Salem witch trials of 1692, especially the trials of Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osbourne, and considers the impact of Puritan thought on the actions taken against these women. As an extension, this paper...
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A 4 page research paper that describes the system of Trokosi that enslaves Ghana women to fetish priests. According to this belief, if a crime has been committed and a girl is not enslaved, then the gods will be unhappy and members of the family...
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Insights and Magic: Redfield and Castaneda
(6 pp) Self-help has now moved past the secula r -how to end a bad relationship, how to deal with disease, or personal addictions, to the spiritual. Those who deal with the spiritual of suggest that there is another way to view the world...
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Stigmata: Psychological and Spiritual Effects
10 pages. Stigmata: are they real or a hoax? Are these signs really from God, and what about the non-Catholic stigmata? In this paper we examine stigmata regarding St. Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio and non-Catholic stigmata. The question that is...
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'The Caine Mutiny' Film in a Historical Context
A 6 page paper which examines the underlying message of the 1954 film, 'The Caine Mutiny,' particularly in terms of how it addressed America's Communist paranoia, climaxed by the 'witch hunts' being conducted by Senator Joseph McCarthy during that...
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