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Academic papers on Sports & Issues In Sports Management

Cal Ripken's "Road to the Streak"
The story of baseball great Cal Ripken, Jr. is discussed in this 5 page paper. The focus of the paper is on Ripken's relationship with his father, who also coached the Orioles. Insights into the man's upbringing are given as well as data about...
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Tax Funding For Professional Hockey
THis five-page-paper explores the benefits of using Canadian taxes to fund professional hockey teams. The many ways the taxes will be recouped as well as the loyalty and community that will follow are also discussed. Bibliography lists four sources.
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Babe Ruth's Story Encapsulated
This 5 page review of a 1994 U.S. News & World Report article on Babe Ruth looks at the information given on the baseball great but also discusses how many neglect some of the Babe's long-term contributions to the game.
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Cross Gender Coaching
This 6 page argument takes the position that female coaches should not be hired for male teams. Reasons given include the use of Bandura's theory of self-efficacy which is illustrated with an example from the 1998 Winter Olympic games. Also included...
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Football Safety Issues
An 11 page exploration of safety and how it relates to football. Includes a description of major injuries and measures which could be implemented to rectify the problems. Bibliography lists nine sources.
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Gender Stratification Through The Study Of Sports
In this 4 page research paper, the writer discusses what we can learn about gender stratification, roles, stereotypes in society, etc.;--through the study of sports. Just as certain social classes are associated with certain sports, each gender is...
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High School Basketball
3 page review of a High School basketball game, its players, strength and weaknesses. Provides suggested strategy for beating the observed home team. Excellent for those studying coaching and related issues. No Bibliography.
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Leadership Approaches & Sports Management
An 8 page paper that provides an overview of basic management styles and considers their application for sports management. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
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Prejudice, Professionals, & The Olympic Games
A 6 page research paper on professionalism and the Olympic Games. The writer feels that professional athletes should indeed be allowed to compete and provides documented, historic evidence to support this argument. It is believed total integration,...
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Risk Management & Professional Football
A 12 page research paper evaluating two common, but fairly new, business risk factors as they relate to professional football: sustained slow economic growth and increased (intensive) competition. The paper points to the dangers and consequences...
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Scuba Diving & Safety Issues
A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the recreational activity of scuba diving and considers the pertinent safety issues of this fairly unregulated sport. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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Tennis as An Art
A 5 page paper that demonstrates support for the belief that tennis, like dance, can be considered an art form. This paper recognizes that because tennis allows for personal expression, it must represent a form of art.
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The Amateurization of Sports
An 8 page research paper on the history ancient sports. The writer details the origins of the types of sports, the Greek influence, and the Roman end of amateurization. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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The Balinese Cockfight Vs. American Baseball
A 6 page comparative discussion of two cultural sports. The writer discusses history & heritage and compares the different levels of cultural importance played by each sport in the Balinese and American traditions. Overviews of each sport are...
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The Golf Industry
This 6 page overview looks at the golf industry in the United States. Prospects of success in this business are excellent if needed capital is available. Finding an appropriate location, company structure and other sources of income, as offshoots of...
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