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Academic papers on Social Security & Welfare

Boston's 'Big Dig'
A 5 page paper discussing the big-business logistics of the largest public works project ever. Boston's Central Artery, the elevated six-lane highway that runs through town, opened in 1959 and was a marvel that had been planned for growth. ...
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Welfare Reform: the pros and cons
A 5 page research paper that examines the effects of recent welfare reform. The writer points out that trying to decide if the nation's current experiment with welfare reform is good or bad can be a rather perplexing problem for the average...
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Elder Abuse in America
This 5 page report discusses the fact that the majority of the population is aware that there is a serious problem in America with child abuse but few understand how much of a problem also exists related to elder abuse. In fact
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Public and Private Social Organizations
A 7-page paper detailing the difference between public and private social organizations and the services they provide. Includes the history and recent changes in the relationship between the two groups, and where they overlap. Lists 5 sources.
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Homelessness: Rates, Causes, Conflicts and Solutions
This is a 7 page paper discussing the rates, causes, conflicts and possible solutions to homelessness in America. The issue of homelessness within the United States has been studied from many different perspectives. From one perspective,...
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Civil Wars: Causes and Solutions
A 3 page observation that since World War II the number and intensity of civil wars around the world has risen. The author attributes this rise to a rise in nationalism and the ever-worsening economic and social plight experienced by the world's...
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Ramifications of the Current Economic Crisis to American Social Systems
This 6 page paper addresses the major problem areas affecting social systems in the American economic crisis related job loss, foreclosures, health care, education, and financial systems. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Research Principles and Proposal for Poverty Research Topic
This is a 12 page paper that provides an overview of research methodology. It also presents a research proposal for the correlation between social work and reduction of poverty. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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