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Racism In Higher Education
This 7 page paper focuses on Spanish/Hispanic racism in colleges and universities. Research indicates that there is little overt racism but that it has taken on subtle characteristics. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Black Political Power in the United States: Where To Next?
A nine-page research paper on the problem African-Americans have had in gaining economic and political parity in the United States, with particular reference to the institution of 'majority-minority' voting districts. Included is the failure of the...
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Teen Pregnancy: Causes and Solutions
A 4 page discussion of the causative factors surrounding teen pregnancy. Examined the role of the parent and of society as a whole in shaping the teen
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School Equity Funding
This 11 page paper explores the issue of equity in school funding. In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee education as a fundamental right. Since that time, state courts have been flooded with school funding...
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Dr. W.E.B. Dubois, A Leader Among Leaders
A well written ten page paper on one of the greatest Black leaders in American history. Follow his career from being the first African American to earn a Harvard Ph.D. to Ghana where he eventually renounced his US citizenship. His idea and literary...
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Topics in Philosophy
This 5 page paper contains two parts, the first of which is a mock dialog between Mill and Nietzsche regarding morality. Issues pertinent to individuality and power are included. The second half of the paper contains a review of an article written...
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The Economics of Elder Care
A 6 page discussion of the economics of caring for the nation's elderly population. Relates the demographic changes which the country has undergone since the initial inception of programs such as Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid and...
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Frederick Douglass, Citizenship And The Dred Scott Decision
Two documents - the 'Fourth Of July' speech by Frederick Douglass in 1852 and the opinion of Justice Taney in the Dred Scott versus Sanford case of 1857 are, in essence, declaring the same thing - that blacks of the pre-Civil War era do not have...
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"Bone"/Multicultural Family Therapy
"Bone"/Multicultural Family Therapy : A 6 page research paper and analysis that takes the point of view of a novice family therapist seeking ways to help and explain the behavior of the family featured in Fae Myenne Ng's novel Bone, which concerns a...
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Traps in History
(3 pp) Author, James Baldwin claims that, 'James Joyce is right about history being a nightmare
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'In a Different Voice
(5pp) Carol Gilligan is associate professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her 1982 book, In a Different Voice, presents a theory of moral development which claims that women tend to think and speak in a different...
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J.Anthony Lukas: Common Ground, A Turbulent Decade in the Lives of Three American Families. (1985)
(5pp) Common Ground: covering a great deal more than its subtitle suggests, is a huge non-fiction study of Boston in the 1970's, when it was under the pressure of court-ordered busing to achieve school desegregation. The three families J....
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Desegregation: A Work in Progress
( 5 pp) The federal mandate of racially integrated schools began over forty years ago. Some schools, particularly in the South, were able to ward off compliance, for decades. Unfortunately, the desegregation of schools has been predicated...
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Extraordinary Minds (1997) - Howard Gardner
(5 pp) In Extraordinary Minds (1997),Gardner poses an important question: Is there a set of traits shared by all truly great achievers - even those we might think of as extraordinary - no matter their field or the time period within which...
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One City - Many Stories (Covering the 1992 Riots of Los Angeles)
(5 pp) When the Los Angeles riots were finally contained the world became aware of the magnitude of the destruction. In the 72 hours between April 29, 1992 and May 1, 1992 sixty people died, and over twelve hundred were injured. There were...
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