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Academic papers on Social & Political Issues In Art

A Comparison Between Feminist Views on Art
A 7 page research paper which examines two articles. 'Quilts, the Great American Art,' by Patricia Mainardi (1973) and 'Secluded Vision: imagines of feminine experience,' by Anne Higonnet (1987) offer two contrasting visions of women's art in the...
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Fashion Counterfeiting
This 5 page paper provides an overview of this little known secret of the fashion industry. Although counterfeiters on the streets are obvious, the less obvious infiltration in department stores is also problematic. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Strategic Planning for the National Endowment for the Arts
12 pages in length. The National Endowment for the Arts is a non-profit organization established to further the promotion of art and artists for the general public. Their strategic planning for funding could use some improvement, and two texts...
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Rhetorical Analysis: Stephen Gould
(5 pp) In this paper we will be examining a short piece of text (Chauvet Cave: The Discovery of the World's Oldest Paintings - 1996) by Stephen Gould which involves both science and technology, yet we will examine this work from a rhetorical...
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Andy Kaufman -- A Phenomenon of Sociological Comment
This 6 page report discusses the comic actor Andy Kaufman (1949-1984). People who are aware of Andy Kaufman appear to have one of two attitudes about him -- they love him, thought him to be a comic genius, and are certain he was greatly...
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See Ya in the Funnies!
(6 pp) Newsflash! Holy high heels Batman! We have new neighbors in Gotham City. DC Comics to Include Homosexual Couple! The comic book company that gave us Superman will now give us the first super heroes that will fight crime as a...
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Jean Baudrillard
A 10 page research paper that examines the philosophy and aesthetic of French social commentator Jean Baudrillard, who is considered by many to be a major cultural critic of modern society. The writer presents various views on his social and...
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Jean Baudrillard on Pop Art and Pop Culture
A 10 page research paper that examines the aesthetic perspective of Frenchman Jean Baudrillard pertaining to pop art and culture. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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A Discussion on Censorship
A 5 page research paper that takes the interesting form of a discussion between two friends on the topic of censorship. One friend advocates partial censorship of morally objectionable material; the other protests against any form of censorship....
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Foucault, Power, Knowledge And The Art Of Video
This 6 page paper explores the philosophies of Mihel Foucault in regards to power and knowledge and how it pertains to the study of human interaction. T. Kim Trang Tran's documentary of the plight of Cambodian women under the Khmer Rouge is...
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German Expressionism and the Horror Film
(5pp) Is it that life imitates art, or art that imitates life? It is a puzzle that has tweaked historians for a long time. There are instances where some clear cut parallels can be drawn. One of these is the connection and influence that...
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Religious Art: Russia & Franc c15th C
(7 pp) If some one wants to have you "buy something "- whether it is an idea, a belief or an item, there are ways to go about that, that will make you more susceptible to that new thing. Some of these early marketing principles were put...
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Women's Images and Realities
(6 pp) For more years than we would like to count, the arts have been used to reinforce gender and racial oppression. Some of the discrimination may be subtle, or so ingrained, that it is no longer noticed. Women in the visual arts have...
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The Relationship Between Art & Politics: Martin Heidegger and Walter Benjamin.
(5 pp). When asked in an interview (Kreisler 2000), what is important about politics, John Tussman said that, "politics is the art of providing for the general welfare; and in principle is not competitive." However the "reality of what is...
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Juan de Onate: Still Causing Trouble.
(5 pp) You wouldn't think that a guy on a horse would cause much trouble in the Southwest. That is not the case concerning a larger than life-size statue of the Spanish conquistador Juan de Onate at a small museum in Alcade, New Mexico....
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