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Academic papers on Public Administration & Policy Analysis

Approximately 5 pages containing five short essays relevant to public administration. Topics discussed include : bureaucracies, Rourke's views on contemporary politics, Federalism, administrative accountability, and the paradigms of public...
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Max Weber's Theories of Bureaucracy
This 6 page paper looks at German social scientist Max Weber's definitions, characteristics, and value of bureaucracy. It also reviews his opinion that bureaucracies serve a social good and have a significant role in human development. ...
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Bureaucracy & Weber
Sociologist Max Weber's work is discussed in light of recent observations by James Q. Wilson, in this 5 page paper. Bureaucracy is discussed in a general sense as well, which includes specific examples such as the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the...
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Policy Analysis of the Greenhouse Effect
15 pages in length. The author discusses the policy analysis of the Greenhouse Effect. The problem of the greenhouse effect is defined. The different proposals are discussed. A recommendation is made to curtail the greenhouse effect. Several...
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Policy Analysis / Paying Teens Money to Avoid Pregnancy
In this 6 page case analysis, the writer evaluates a plan proposed by Denver, Colorado's Planned Parenthood Chapter to pay certain teenage girls a dollar a day for avoiding pregnancy. The social ramifications of this controversial idea are assessed...
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Organizing & Administering Programs For Families & Individuals
A 10 page paper that deals with the technicalities in starting a nonprofit organization emphasizing the need for an overall strategic plan. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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The Social & Economic Feasibility of Passive Restraints
A 6 page professional presentation in which the writer argues against the use of passive restraints in automobiles as an effective way to reduce automobile-related injuries and fatalities. Various safety hazards and costs are pointed out and it is...
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U.S. Transportation & The Impact Of the A.D.A.
A 10 page research paper that describes the effects of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act on transportation in the U.S. The writer presents the concept that while companies, government agencies and transit centers have attempted to provide...
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Case Evaluation / Public Policy Analysis
19 pages worth of essays on specific policy analyses ranging from the provision of medical services for the homeless to increasing the driving age, and more. Available as an entire document or sold separately in 2-3 page essays. No Bibliography.
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Performance-Based Monitoring
Performance monitoring refers to a system or process for measuring the results achieved by public programs. In this 1 page paper, the writer thoroughly explains the concept, performance indicators, and the role of feedback. Bibliography lists 2...
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Community Policing in a Minority, Urban Neighborhood
In 9 pages, the author discusses the issues concerning community policing in urban neighborhoods that are predominately made up of minorities, while focusing on one particular neighborhood, which is Miami, Florida. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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Land Surveying, Right of Way & Land Use in New Jersey
This 8 page paper reflects upon a number of land surveying and right of way cases, including the precedent setting Parsippany-Troy Hills Township vs. Bowman case of 1949, and considers the implications for determining surveying processes based on...
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Determining Social Welfare Policy in Accordance with National Goals
A 7 page paper exploring in economic terms whether social welfare functions are either realistic or relevant expressions of collective goals. The paper briefly addresses the origins of nations
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Policy Formulation and the Telecommunications Act of 1996
A 3 page overview of public policy formulation regard to the implementation the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Discusses policy formulation and legitimization, as well as the ability of statute to structure implementation. Emphasizes that the...
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David Rusk/ "Cities Without Suburbs"
A 5 page research paper that examines David Rusk's book on urban politics, Cities Without Suburbs. The writer offers a summation of Rusk's argument that urban problems can be aided by consolidating city and county governments. Bibliography lists 2...
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