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Academic papers on Miscellaneous Issues In Business

Hostile And Friendly Takeovers
A 7 page paper that discusses hostile and friendly takeovers. Specific examples are used to describe the process of one company acquiring another. The effect on the price of stocks is also discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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This 6 page report discusses the brewing company, Anheuser-Busch and its traditional management structure and controls. The St. Louis, Missouri, brewery leads the industry in the United States with a market share of approximately 45 per cent. Very...
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Dell Computer's E-Commerce Strategy
A 16 page paper discussing Dell's direct distribution business model. The fact that Apple's Steve Jobs keeps a picture of Michael Dell in his office with a bullseye painted on it can have no effect on Dell Computer aside from a good long chuckle,...
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The Safety Issues Plaguing Tyson Foods
A 7 page paper which examines the safety issues which have plagued the Tyson Foods
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Michel Foucault/Power and the Panopticon
A 9 page research paper that examines Bentham's conception of the Panopticon and Foucault's views on its detrimental effects. The writer argues that modern society should be wary of the panoptical surveillance that is available with current...
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General Electric Corporation and Environmental Responsibility
8 pages. While a first-time environmental offender might be under the guise of misunderstanding or misinterpretation, a repeat offender such as the General Electric Corporation has no excuse whatsoever for the toxic waste the corporation produces. ...
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The American Labor Movement
(5 pp) The history of the American Labor Movement seems to be one of action and then reaction The second attempt at unionizing workers was called The Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor, it began inauspiciously in 1869 as a...
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Master's or Ph.D.? A Cost Benefits Analysis
6 pages in length. If one is considering going for a graduate degree this is a must-have paper. The information contained within this essay can help an individual make the right choice. Based upon the author's own experience and with a...
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Analysis of Schering-Plough
10 pages in length. This in-depth analysis of the Schering-Plough pharmaceutical company discusses the company, its divisions, a complete financial analysis, as well as what consumers can expect from the company. The Schering-Plough website is...
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Douglass C. North/ "Economic History"
A 5 page summation and study guide for Douglass C. North's book Structure and Change in Economic History. The writer summarizes briefly the principal points of North's theory of economic structure. No other sources cited.
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Section 459 Of The Companies Act Of 1985
In the United Kingdom, the rights and responsibilities of businesses in terms of unfair prejudicial conduct, including orders to regulate corporate conduct or purchase a shareholder's stock, is set forth in the Companies Act of 1985. This...
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Real Estate in the 1980s
A 6 page research paper that profiles the US real estate market in the turbulent 1980s. The writer also highlights the reasons behind the stock market crash of 1987 and how this affected real estate. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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Managed Health Care & Physicians: Traditional legal fiduciary duty, or limited duty of fidelity?
(20pp) Managed health care has presented problems to both physicians and patients. This discussion examines major issues and possible changes. The nature and the duty of physician -patent relationship between a traditional legal fiduciary...
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Gender, Morality, Antigone and The Business World
This 6 page paper explores the moral issue of gender discrimination. power and control as it applies to the play, Antigone, by Sophocles and to the modern world of business. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Budgeting For State Higher Education
Within the American system of education, colleges and universities have generally been evaluated in one of two ways, either in terms of the educational quality of the institution, as measured by the 'transfer of knowledge' or by the economic...
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