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Academic papers on Miscellaneous Economic Issues

Case Study: Asea Brown Boveri
A 5 page paper discussing implications of the merger between Asea and Brown Boveri, and some of the problems the new company was forced to negotiate in forming the new and integrated company. The paper lists in a SWOT format the points raised in...
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Money Cannot Buy Happiness
This 10 page paper sets out to prove that the wealthy are no happier than those in the lower echelons of society. Many myths about wealth and happiness are dismantled. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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The Pros and Cons of a Flat Tax
6 pages in length. The flat income tax system proposes to assign a uniform percentage tax from ten to twenty percent for all Americans and remove the current system involving complex deductions, credits and exemptions. Such a system would be...
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The Balanced Budget Amendment
This 6 page report discusses the issues surrounding the balanced budget amendment and its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on which elected official or economist is discussing the issue, such an amendment is either a necessity to the...
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In Support of the Privatization of Social Security
This 6 page report discusses the positive aspects of and an argument for the privatization of the Social Security system of the United States. Issues such as personal investment control, better financial return, and the success of privatization...
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NAFTA In A Nutshell
This five-page-paper gives an in-depth overview of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the NAFTA as well as the outlook for the future of NAFTA in regards to labor movements, tariffs and...
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Developments in Third World Countries
A 3 page research paper that examines how activism in the developed countries may eventually result in improvements within undeveloped third world countries. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Hope Scholarships & Lifetime Learning Tax Credits
A 6 page research paper that analyzes the Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning tax credits. The writer argues that while these programs have helped to a degree, the severe restrictions on these programs have limited their efficacy requiring a...
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The Housing Industry In Thailand
Much has been happening in Thailand in the past decade. This small country of 63.1 million people has undergone an economic boom as well as the economic crisis of 1997. This 7 page paper explores the housing industry in Thailand. ...
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Position Paper: Implementation of Learning Team(s)
(5 pp) Learning teams are popular learning vehicles because they bridge the gap between theory and application. A targeted learning team approach addresses both individual and organizational needs-it's not just about problem solving but...
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Denver Looking For Workers
(3 pp) Overall Colorado's rate of unemployment as of August of this year (2000) was 2.7 percent; the corresponding figure for Denver over the same time period was 2.3 percent. With employers along Denver's Front Range mountains scrambling...
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Dependent Or Not Dependent: IRS Rules
This 5 page paper explores a scenario where a taxpayers interpretation of tax law is in contention with the Internal Revenue Service. Scenario is included. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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The Role Of The Atlantic Slave Trade
This 5 page paper explores he effect of the Atlantic Slave Trade on the macro-economic situation in the American colonies as well as England. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Seymour Martin Lipset and John Kenneth Galbraith
This 3 page report briefly discusses the philosophy and work of the social scientist Seymour Martin Lipset (1922- ) and the economist, writer, and political adviser, John Kenenth Galbraith (1908 - ). Lipset has offered numerous examples of...
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Customer Service Reply
This is a 3 page sample letter in reply to a customer complaint concerning the disclosure of information within a business conglomerate on the Internet.
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