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Academic papers on Marketing & Consumer Behavior

Marketing 'Brush on the Run'
A 10 page marketing plan for a one-use, disposable toothbrush that comes complete with toothpaste that does not require rinsing. It can be used in any setting where traditional methods are inconvenient or even impossible, such as in the car on the...
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Oligopoly and Price Stability
8 pages in length. In economics, an oligopoly is the domination of a market for a particular product or service by a single company, which can therefore restrict competition and keep prices high. In practice, a company can be said to have an...
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Economics: Market Conditions
5 pages in length. Product differentiation is an important structural dimension of a market. The firm in monopolistic competition will try to differentiate its product because this shifts its demand curve to the right and makes it more inelastic...
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Marketing Strategies for Concrete Companies
This nine-page-paper explores marketing strategies primarily targeted toward the concrete industry but applicable to any company or service provider. It opens with a discussion about the older and still useful methods of marketing and explains why...
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Principles of Marketing
This 6 page paper provides a general overview of marketing practices and principles. The ideal customer is described and a sample print advertisement for a new product is created. General marketing strategies are explored and the way in which...
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Three Studies on Consumer Behavior: Green Buying
Three Studies on Consumer Behavior: Green Buying: A seven-page paper comparing three research articles on consumer behavior. In particular, the three articles deal with 'green buying,' and detail the techniques used to increase consumer awareness of...
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"Fish" Fundraiser for the Loyal Order of Moose
This potential plan has been developed for the Moose Club as a fundraiser within their local community. It has been designed to be fun for both volunteers and participants, with the added design factor of being repeated on a yearly basis. ...
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Advertising and Public Relations -- Codependent Media Landscapes
This 7 page report discusses the media landscapes of public relations and advertising and the ways in which they interact in the larger processes of public communication. The relationship between the two demonstrates how the line between where...
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Market Orientation: Delphi Automotive
(7 pp) Market-oriented organizations seek to find the most profitable match between taking into account such key driving factors as customer's perceptions of environmental and health issues. This organizational orientation is applied to...
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Target Markets of Websites
5 pages in length. In evaluating a commercial website probably the first question to be asked would be "who is the target market?" In order to successfully remain in the fiercely competitive e-tail market, websites must accurately target the...
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"The End of Marketing"/ Sergio Zyman
A 5 page summation and analysis of Sergio Zyman's book The End of Marketing As We Know It. The writer explores how expert marketer Sergio Zyman targets the current "sacred cows" of marketing, a strategy that
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Effective Sales Communication -- The International House of Toast
This 2 page report briefly discusses the fact that as with any other type of persuasive communication, sales communication relies on effectively matching message and audience and using the communication style that best suits that audience. The...
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Denver looking For Workers
(3 pp). Overall Colorado's rate of unemployment as of August of this year (2000) was 2.7 percent; the corresponding figure for Denver over the same time period was 2.3 percent. With employers along Denver's Front Range mountains scrambling...
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DVD Players And Buyer Behavior
The wave of the future is often seen as a typhoon of advertising and marketing. This hasn't been true for the DVD player - as yet. This 6 page paper provides a tutorial that argues that the popularity of the DVD is increasing but price and...
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Critical Evaluation/Customer Satisfaction w/Cigarettes
A 7 page research paper that explores the topic of customer satisfaction and the tobacco industry. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
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