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Academic papers on Management Of Information Systems

Innovations and the Future of Communications in Business
A 10 page paper discussing the relationship between technology and business communications in the present day business industry, as well as in the future. Technology has made great advances in the past decade and is expected to achieve even...
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E-mail and Corporate Management
A 5 page paper discussing the use of e-mail by corporate employees and how that has influenced corporate management. E-mail, along with all other aspects of computerized technology, have greatly changed communications, as well as management, in...
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Employee Use of the Internet
This 10 page paper presents a comprehensive literature review. This objective study highlights the way in which employees utilize the Internet at their places of employment as well as noting the problems such activities may cause. Employer liability...
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The Role of the CPA in the Computer Age
This 7 page paper looks at the changing role of the certified public accountant in light of new technology. The need for the CPA to upgrade computer systems is emphasized. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Organizational Structure in Relationship to Information Technology
This 6 page paper looks at examples of companies, as well as theories, to discuss the relationship between how organizations are structured in respect to their use of technology. Organizations named include IBM and Motorola. Bibliography lists 9...
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Broadcast Media in Mexico.
(10pp) Tensions between civic-political and socioeconomic-interest-based organizing have created fertile terrain for state initiatives to keep challengers from civil society off balance, correspondingly this also puts a strain on media,...
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Yang and Yahoo!
(7 pp) On the bottom of his internet resume Jimmy X. Yang, co-founder of Yahoo! lists, 'Personality: Hard working and highly motivated.' Receiving a PHd from the University of Minnesota in mathematics in January 2000, might give us that ...
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Comparison of eCommerce (B2C) Websites
(5 pp) The challenge for all of us who shop for merchandise on the internet, is to first apply the ol' shopping code of 'the best 'goods' for the best price,' and the second is the ease of movement through the website of the merchandiser. ...
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COMMUNICATION Mini-Observational Study.
(8pp) We all experience and talk about the reality around us in uniquely different ways. For a climber, the mountains are a realm of quiet inspiration. For the non-climber, who becomes dizzy standing on a ladder, the heights may be a...
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E-Commerce, Construction, and Retailing: Confronting the Challenges of Brick-and Mortar-Stores
This 12 page report discusses a July/August 1999 report from the Harvard Business Review relating to physical presence of retailers compared to
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Fiduciary Duty of Directors to Shareholders in Australian Law
This 8 page paper considers the impact of the case of Brunninghausen v Glavanics [1999] and its landmark finding that a company director may under certain circumstances owe a Fiduciary Duty to shareholders despite the traditional view that this was...
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The Pick-Up Line.
(7 pp). The assignment for this paper was to describe the opposite genders "pickup" approach. This author makes the argument that pick-up lines are past their prime, but does list a few from his friends, as well as gives his approach to...
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Article Analysis: Advances in Business Programs
(5 pp) This discussion will examine how information technology can be used to support and enhance the strategic objective of current businesses. The article used is: Making the Passage to a Portal. Samuel Greengard. Workforce, Sept 2000...
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Liberal Bias of the Media: Truth or Fiction
(24 pp) Liberal media bias - of course you think to yourself - what else is new? Journalists refute that thought - the majority of times claiming that they have personal liberal perspectives, but that they can separate those from their...
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Critical Analysis.
(6 pp - includes annotated bibliography). The speed of transfer and delivery of information zooms along the internet. With this technology it is vital to stay informed within any profession. Yet with that same speed, comes volume,...
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