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Academic papers on Latin-America / Mixed

Rodolfo Acuna/Sometimes There is No Other Side
A 5 page essay that summarizes and analyzes Rodolfo Acuna's Sometimes There is No Other Side. In this volume, Acuna argues convincingly that the playing field for minorities in this country has not been leveled. Rather, he proposes that a "cultural...
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Amalia and Facundo: Romanticism and Realism
An 8-oage paper comparing and contrasting Facundo by D.F. Sarmiento and Amalia by Jose Marmol. Describes the books' romanticism and realism. Lists 2 sources.
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Jamaican Immigration to the United States
6 pages. Why do Jamaicans immigrate to the United States and what type of people are the immigrants? And once Jamaicans get to the United States, what type of life and education awaits them? Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Colombia drug cartel
An annotated bibliography of sources for a thesis on the Colombia drugs cartels, with reference to US foreign policy and international law. Bibliography lists 7 sources
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