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Academic papers on Journalism

Ethical Theory in Sports Journalism
A 22 page paper discussing the philosophies underlying the solid and accepted principles of journalism, particularly as they relate to any sort of conflict of interest arising from simultaneous corporate ownership of reporting organizations and...
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Muller v Oregon (1908), And the Progressives
(6pp) For centuries women have been thought of "property," leading to slow but sure progression towards women's independence. In this we shall begin by examining Muller v Oregon, 1908; events leading into he progressive era; and the...
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The Walkerton Water Inquiry
In Walkerton, Canada in May of 2000, the e. coli bacteria was detected in the town's water supply. Seven people died as a result of the outbreak and 2,300 people were grievously ill. This 13 page paper examines and critiques eleven articles...
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This 8 page paper details the evidence for media agenda setting in various countries around the world. Emphasis is placed on Europe and America policies, with examples given. Solutions presented. Bibliography lists 16 sources.
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