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Separatism / A Legacy 1960-1990
A 6 page paper on how the 1960s led to the separatism of the 1990s. The writer proves, through historical, socioeconomic and political perspectives that 'the revolutionaries of the 1960s are still stranded on the edge of the abyss and scrambling for...
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Global Warming
A 5 page discussion of the phenomena of global warming. Defines the greenhouse effect and discusses impacts to the global climate. Bibliography lists four sources.
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Civil War / Impacts of Industry, Population, & Timing of The North vs The South
A 5 page exploration of the factors which led to a Northern victory and a Southern defeat during the American Civil War. Details the differences between the agrarian subsistence of the south and the industrial concentration of the south and how it...
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Wiesel & Levi / Two Views On The Holocaust
A 10 page research paper which analyzes the work of the two most preeminent witnesses to the Holocaust-Elie Wiesel and Primo Levi. The writer looks specifically at The Drowned and the Saved by Levi and the Night, Dawn, Day trilogy by Wiesel, and...
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The Ongoing War Between Israel & Lebanon / Decades of Conflict
A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the continuing war between Israel and Lebanon and suggests reasons for the continued conflict. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Russian Border Guards
An 18 page research paper that examines the past and present of the Russian border guard. The writer details the history of the guard and how they maintained the 'Iron curtain' for the former Soviet Union and then details how the guard has changed...
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U.S. Health Care System: A Comprehensive Overview
A 15 page paper that investigates the health care system in a particular city in the United States. With more than 40 million Americans uninsured with no access to health care, there is a great deal wrong with the system. This essay discusses...
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"Welcome to Hiroshima," by Mary Jo Salter: A Review
5 pages in length. The misery and horror of war and the atomic bomb are all made alive in this war memorial. The narrator tells of the sights and emotions that are found within the walls. Discusses the poem at length and the use of satire, irony...
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The Japanese Healthcare System
15 pages in length. A discussion of the Japanese healthcare system along with several solutions to make it better. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Verifying Advertising Claims/ Anti-smoking Campaigns
A 6 page research paper that addresses the fact that claims are frequently made in advertising that have not been proven with empirical evidence. Relative to this, the writer examines an ad that has been featured in national anti-smoking campaigns...
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Japan's Independence
When one thinks of Japan it is difficult not to think of their leadership in the technological shpere of business. Japan is synonymous to 'electronics' in the minds of many of the world's consumers. This 2 page paper explores the economic...
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Occupied Japan
The rapid economic growth of Japan after the end of World War II can be attributed, to a large degree, to the influence of American business ideals and the financial backing to allow Japanese industry to enter into the technological age. This 2...
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Musui's Story
5 pages in length. Musui's Story tells of the life of a samurai in the lower class of his society who gave up the aspirations expected of him in order to learn from those who were beneath him according to societal rules of the time. It is a...
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League Of Nations And United Nations
A 6 page paper. Philosophical considerations aside, member states in an international institution do now have the same amount of power. An example involving NATO is used to demonstrate this fact. The paper then discusses the failure of the League of...
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Comparing Views on Japan
A 5 page comparison of two books on the rise of modern Japan--"The Rise of Modern Japan" by Peter Duus and "The New Generation in Meiji Japan" by Kenneth Pyle. The writer summarizes both books and then compares their approaches to this topic. No...
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