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Academic papers on Issues In Sociology/Mixed

Power in American Society
A 1 page discussion of the concept of power. Distinguishes between legitimate power and illegitimate power specifying that legitimate power entails as consideration of the greater good and public consensus. Warns that illegitimate power is on a...
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McDonaldization/ The Gap v. a Boutique
A 5 page research paper that examines George Ritzer's theories on rationalization that he terms "McDonaldization." Ritzer bases his theories on the model of rationalization provided by sociologist Max Weber. The writer applies these theories by...
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There are several levels and types of female genital mutilation, also referred to as female circumcision, including scarification, infibulation, and introcision. This 7 page paper examines the definition and looks at cause and effect. ...
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Battered Women's Shelters
President Clinton, in a speech proclaiming National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, has said, "Domestic violence threatens the very core of what we hold dear". This 7 page paper explores the plight of battered women and examines the purpose...
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A 5 page essay that uses John Harris' essay, 'Intimations of Immortality,' as a springboard to discuss the consequences of the efforts of science to prolong life. No additional sources cited.
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Gender Equality
5 pages in length. Looks at gender bias in the workplace and how this bias flourishes in today's world with little being done to mitigate these problems. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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The Growing Use Of Methamphetamines
The increasing use of illegal drugs has been a subject that compels politicians to make statements and instigate punitive legislation, however, the numbers continue to increase. This 7 page paper examines the problem of methamphetamine use and...
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The Mythology of the American Family
A 5 page research paper that examines three essay from the acclaimed multicultural reader "Rereading America." Drawing on these essays, the writer explores the impact of two myths that are pervasive in American culture pertaining to an idealized...
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A Polish Immigrant to America and his Used Car Business
This 5 page report is written in a style that demonstrates a human interest and neighborhood business type of reporting. It profiles a small business owner Andrzej Borkowska and his used car company --
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Judith Harris/ The Nurture Assumption
A 5 page summation and analysis of Judith Rich Harris' The Nurture Assumption, which offers an interesting hypothesis that contradicts the vast majority of parenting advice that has been offered over the last several decades. In her book, Harris...
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Housing For Homosexual Handicapped
This 7 page paper argues that the possibility exists, as well as the need, for consideration of independent living facilities to be federally funded for the handicapped population that is also homosexual. Although ILPs have been reduced as a...
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Sociobiological Viewpoint On Human Behavior
Sociobiology is the study of the biological bases of behavior in the context of neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory. This 6 page paper asserts that biology (either micro or macro) does not determine human behavior. The sociobiological view fails...
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Adultery -- Alive and Kicking
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Living in a Society
A 10 page essay that examines 5 works in regards to how their authors feel about the forces of society and their affect on human behavior. The writer looks at how various social philosophers have expressed themselves concerning this topic and the...
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Labouring Children
This 5 page paper examines two articles in the book, Labouring Children: British Immigrant Apprentices to Canada, by Joy Parr and finds that the author has utilized propaganda as a means to present her arguments. No additional sources are...
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