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Academic papers on Israel & The Middle East

Flavius Josephus
A 16 page research paper on the life and works of Flavius Josephus, a Pharisee who denounced Judaism and became a Roman. Josephus is attributed with the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans in 66 C.E., but is credited with writing the only surviving...
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Religious Tensions Within Israeli Society
9 pages in length. Israel has always been the victim of inner struggles and outward tensions. Whether the discord is within its own people or on account of hostilities with other nations, there has hardly been a time when the Israelis have not...
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The Role of the Prophets During the Exile in Preserving the Religion of Israel
This 11 page report (which includes a one-page outline) discusses the role and influence of the ancient prophets. The writer puts forth the premise that the role of the prophets was as an interpreter between God and humanity, explaining each to the...
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King Mycerinus and Queen Kha-Merer-Nebty II
A 5 page essay exploring the meaning of the equal relationship between husband and wife as depicted in the Egyptian statue of this king and queen. The writer posits that the ideal of the time was cosmic harmony, and describes how this harmony is...
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The Muslims
A 4 page paper discussing the Muslim view at the beginning of the First Crusade. The Crusaders
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Persia: Comparison To The United States
10 pages in length. The Persian Empire was established as a good and ethical civilization. It started with the humanitarian leadership of Cyrus the Great, who was instrumental in establishing free speech and a distinctive moral purity. As Persia...
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Investment in Saudi Arabia
A 12 page marketing analysis for a direct foreign investment of a U.S. firm in Saudi Arabia. The writer explores the culture and demographics, legal and business policies, import policies, business climate, taxation, fees, competition,...
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Jordan: Economy and Trade
A 20 page paper which examines many various aspects of the economy and trade as it relates to Jordan. Jordan is a region that is heavily dependent upon its neighbors for import and export business. As a result of its location, Jordan is often at...
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The Philistines
A 5 page paper which examines the 600-year period of the Philistine people and culture to determine the basis for their animosity with the Israelites through historical and biblical texts and their final demise. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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Egypt and Nubia
Egypt and what was once known as Nubia and is now known as Ethiopia are both located along the River Nile and are considered part of the Sudan region. They have been rivals and occasional enemies for thousands of years. This 5 page paper explores...
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The Political Culture of Jordan
A 6 page overview of the political culture of Jordan. Relates the history of Jordan since it won its independence from Great Britain in 1946 and relates the political culture of the country is largely determined by trade-based interaction with...
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Desert Shield - Desert Storm: Diplomacy, Ecstasy, and Agony
In 5 pages the author discusses by example where diplomacy has succeeded using Desert Shield as successful coalition for containment of Iraq aggression to Kuwait and consolidation of IRAQ gains. Also discussed is where diplomacy failed using Desert...
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Society and the Handicapped / How Arabs Differ
An 8 page research paper on the duty and responsibility mindset that the Arab people have toward the handicapped. This mindset is fostered from a young age, therefore, families and communities are raised to volunteer and provide expert services to...
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The Issue of Women's Rights in Egyptian Foreign Policy
Egyptian foreign policy is at a fulcrum in terms of the world situation. Economic policy decrees that ties with the Western World be maintained, while defense policy makes it imperative that ties with neighboring middle East and African countries...
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Ancient Egyptian Medicine
This 8 page paper provides an overview of ancient Egyptian medicine. Such ailments like diabetes and hangovers have been traced to the time period. Treatments such as aromatherapy and other herbal remedies, pet therapy, and more are all mentioned. A...
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