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Researching Seventeenth Century Poetry: John Donne, Online
Writing a research paper from the Internet is not only possible, it is quick, easy and will probably give the student more information within an hour than is possible to research at the library in six. It is 'only a click away'. This 8 page...
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Generation N"e"XT
(10 pp). For the first time in history, most teenagers and young adults are more experienced in a computer based technology than the majority of their caregivers or parents. Rather than be frightened by this new skill employed by...
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Napster vs. the Record Companies
A 10 page research paper that examines the latest legal difficulties of the online phenomenon, Napster, and how this new technology is fundamentally changing the record industry. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
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Security Management and Planning
(8 pp) The complexities of modern society have combined to generate a variety of threats to business organizations, information networks, military installations, government operations, and individuals. For information technology,...
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Comparison of Internet Sites on Medieval History
A 6 page research paper that examines and critiques three internet sites that deal with medieval history. The writer evaluates each site according to graphics, usability and the quality of information. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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PC Environment Control of Mission Critical Data
In consideration of the question as to whether the PC environment storage of mission critical data is both a step forward and back, the issues of application development are explored in terms of security, maintenance, management structure, and...
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Personal Computing in 2004
This mock magazine offers six RT computer articles on the title and a 6 page editorial on what's included in those articles. Subjects include: Re-evaluating your replacement strategy, Sasser worm, MS revisit of NGSCB security plan, top technologies...
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Implementation: Windows UNIX vs. LINUX
If there is no living without networking, there is no living without network security, and this growing threat makes it wise to consider other options to the Windows OS. Two operating systems, UNIX and LINUX, are possibilities. They are compared in...
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Detecting and Preventing Plagiarism
A 4 page overview of the means that are available to detect and prevent plagiarism. The author of this paper notes the software that is available to help in this task as well as the steps individual instructors can take to gain the familiarity with...
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Virus Scans Alone Will Not Protect Computers: It Takes a Little More
Virus scans alone will not protect computer systems as is widely recognized in business and industry, though home computer operators are not as cognizant of the problem. Full protection requires a combination of methods rather than just installing...
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Distance Education - Need For Accreditation
This 10 page paper provides an overview of distance education, the increasing enrollment in Online higher education programs, research comparing Online versus traditional classroom student achievement and the need for accreditation. Bibliography...
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Cyber Crime And Law Enforcement
This 5 page paper begins with comments from two FBI Cyber Agents about their typical day. Although all law enforcement agencies know cyber crime is the fastest-growing crime in the history of the country, officials do not know exactly how extensive...
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Computer Viruses
This is a 4 page paper which discusses the types of computer viruses, the manner in which they are transmitted and give examples of two recent computer infections. The bibliography has 5 sources.
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Customer Privacy Policy/Dirt Bikes USA
This is a 3 page paper which dicusses the development of a customer privacy policy for Dirt Bikes USA. The bibliography has 3 sources.
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Psychiatric/Mental Health Web Site Analysis
A 3 page paper. The writer chose the NIMH Web site to discuss and analyze. The site is described, offering specific topics and links provided. Two specific disorders, ADHD and Depression are used as examples, justifying the choices with the...
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