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Academic papers on Human Resource Issues

Human Resource Management
A 4 page paper discussing various issues concerning human resource management. The issues addressed are using HR managers as managers of employees, the obligations that managers have to the essential quality of HRM, and how managers and employees...
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The Development of Human Resource Management
5 pages. The success of Human Resource professionals lies in their relationship with line managers. The line managers are Human Resources
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I Know Where the Caged Bird Sings: Comparison Between the Novel and the Movie
This 5 page paper provides a comparison between Maya Angelou's novel and the television movie that was based on her book. This paper outlines some of the major differences between the text of the book and the elements of the movie and determines...
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Bolivia: Slow But Steady Progress
This 6 page paper tracks the progress of health, education, socio-economic and politic conditions between the census years of 1976 and 1994. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Ageism in the Workplace.
(5 pp) Action must be taken to correct the serious situation where a very significant percentage of people over 50 are economically inactive. There is no bar to their employment other than an attitude by many employers that they are too...
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New Employment Recruitment Methods.
(6 pp) In a 1992 essay, "The New Society of Organizations," management guru, Peter Drucker wrote, "In the society of organizations, however, it is safe to assume that anyone with any knowledge will have to acquire new knowledge every four...
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Writing Sample: Personnel Situation.
(6 pp). Writing sample instructions: At a crucial step in the interview process, a writing sample including an example of my ability to solve business problems has been requested. This should be a real example of my experience. The...
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Designing an EEOC Reporting System
(5 pp). The major job of EEOC is to assist employees in being treated fairly in the workplace. Few if any can object to that idea, however the paper blizzard that flurries about that task, often seems to blur the concept. However it is...
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The Peace Corps-Then and Now
(6pp) The Peace Corps of the United States has been doing "business" for over four decades. This discussion looks at how and where the organization started, and the progress that it has made, as well as how it has served its mission in...
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CPR Training Program Proposal
(5 pp) In reviewing the statistical data from 1998, according to the United States Department of Labor, 5.9 million employee injuries and illnesses were reported-which translates to 6.7 incidents for every 100 full-time employees. And...
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Marriage: A Complex Union.
(5 pp) Through four American narratives by Chopin, Hurston, Williams, and Hawthorne, we will get a "feel," for the perceived idea of marriage. The author will propose a different definition, as well as examine those given by these authors....
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Interviews & Resumes: the ol' how to

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Principles and Issues of Law Enforcement Management
A 10 page outline of the challenges facing law enforcement managers. Police chiefs who are in charge of departments involved in community policing must consider everything from equal opportunity for their employees to the elimination of police...
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Leadership Jazz by Max De Pree (1993).
(5 pp). According to business leadership author, De Pree " way to think about leadership is to consider a jazz band. Jazz-band leaders must choose the music, find the right musicians, and perform-in public. But the effect of the...
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Strong Interest Inventory and the Self-Directed Search in Choosing a Career
This 10 page report discusses the fact that people should work in jobs that are genuinely meaningful for them. A number of tools have been developed over the years in order to provide suggestions and career counseling for those who are still...
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