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Academic papers on Homosexuality

My Own Private Idaho
This 8 page paper provides an analytical view of the film My Own Private Idaho, with a focus on the representations in the film that relate to the concept of an open text. This paper outlines the major elements in the film and provides a...
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Genetic Basis For Sexual Preference
An 8 page exploration of the genetic basis for homosexuality verses heterosexuality. Discusses the advancements in genetic research which link chromosomal differences with sexual behavior. Emphasizes the link between the X chromosome in...
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California Proposition 22.
(7 pp) The text of Proposition 22 was brief: ``Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California'' - but complex legal and moral issues lay beneath the surface. There are some who would argue that was inappropriate for...
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This 15 page report discusses the history and impact of drag performances on the American theater. One of the reasons that drag performance, whether in a drag queen show or in the
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Living As A Homosexual
Among the minorities that have been able to stand up for their rights and attain a certain level of acceptance are the homosexual (this term is meant to be inclusive of gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals). This 7 page paper addresses...
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Gay And Lesbian Social Movement
The history of social movements has seen the rise and ebb of a number of popular and, or, influential movements. This 12 page paper provides an in depth look at the gay and lesbian movement and argues that it has developed through the stages of...
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Same Sex Marriages
Gender and sexuality play an enormous role in the social construct of cultural norms. This 5 page paper argues that homosexual marriage should be allowed, sanctioned and, perhaps, encouraged because of the financial and emotional benefits, the...
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The Role of Law as a Reflection of Social Change and Society
This is a 9 page paper discussing how the homosexual right laws and euthanasia laws in The Netherlands reflect society
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The Decline of the Jewish Family as Depicted in Jewish Literature
A five page discussion of the insights into Jewish families that can be found in Michael Gold's "Jews Without Money" and Tony Kushner's "Angels in America". Both authors are Jewish but both present Jews in a slightly different light than might be...
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The Gay Revolution
In 15 pages, the author discusses the importance of David Carter's book about the 1969 riots at Stonewall in Greenwich Village on the LGBT community. The author also looks at how the world for the LGBT community has changed since those riots. There...
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