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Academic papers on Holocaust Studies

Camus & Wiesel/A Comparison
A 7 page analysis of The Plague by Albert Camus and Night by Elie Wiesel. At first glance, these two works appear to be very dissimilar; however, the writer argues that they actually have quite a few points in common. Wiesel's book concerns the...
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A five-page paper analyzing the view of the Holocaust expressed in two short stories from Tadeusz Borowski
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Spirituality and Compassion in Wiesel and Day
A five page paper comparing the similar urges on the part of Catholic lay worker Dorothy Day and Jewish Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel to help others. The paper identifies this characteristic, together with achieving a moral center, as fundamental...
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Mass Society Theory: How much does it affect us?
This 5 page paper discusses the way mass society mentality affects our society as a whole. We are familiar with the effect it had on the Nazi foothold years ago but is it also seeping into modern cultures? A new system is suggested and outlined....
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Schumann: Nazi Doctor
Schumann: Nazi Doctor: A 2-page summary of the career of Nazi doctor and experimenter Horst Schumann, who conducted experiments at Auschwitz. Covered are the reasons he joined the Nazis, his relationship with Hitler and Himmler, and his fate after...
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Elie Wiesel's 'Night'
This 5 page paper looks at this author's fictitious piece concerning the Holocaust. The authenticity of the work is discussed as well as themes of the book inclusive of the parent-child bond and the presence of evil in the world. Documentation on...
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Anti-Civilization Which Emerges During Times of War
A 5 page paper which discusses how Primo Levi illustrates a sort of anti-civilization which emerges during times of war. This concept is discussed as it involves two works of Levi, that being "Survival in Auschwitz" and "Collected Poetry." The...
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Why the Holocaust Happened in Germany
This 10 page paper examines the Holocaust and other Anti-Semitic movements of the 1920's and 1930's and speculates as to why the mass extermination of peoples happened in Germany but nowhere else. The Nazi party is discussed in depth. Some...
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Holocaust Rescue Efforts
10 pages in length. The Jews have been, perhaps, one of the most persecuted of all peoples throughout history. Their pursuits to survive as both a people and a religion have been paved with pits and valleys from the time they began the struggle to...
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Zen Buddhism Combined with Psychotherapy
12 pages in length. This very interesting paper gives a background on both Zen Buddhism and psychotherapy, and shows how the combination of the two can create an even more successful and meaningful therapy for patients. Bibliography lists 7...
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No Compassion During The Hard Times
This five-page-paper presents a discussion about novel , "Billiards At Half Past Nine," by HEINRICH BOLL , and the lack of compassion that the era portrayed. Bibliography lists one source.
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Ozick's The Shawl
When one sits down to read the novella, The Shawl, by Cynthia Ozick, it is difficult to know in advance the amount of emotional investment one is likely to make, however, reader: be warned, this is a story that will grip your heart and not let...
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The Holocaust: Causes
A 5 page paper. This paper has two distinct parts. The first is a scenario wherein the writer is a German Jew in 1939 and has just now decided to try to emigrate. The questions are: why did the person wait so long, what obstacles will be faced and...
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Dietrich Bonhoffer
(6pp) At a time when much of the world was either enticed with, or entrapped, by fascism, Dietrich Bonhoeffer dared to live the morally responsible Christian life to its most expressive, and tragic, end. As a theologically rooted opponent to...
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Questioning The Holocaust
The history of anti-Semitism predates the political rise of Adolph Hitler or the Third Reich. This 7 page paper addresses a few of the more pressing issues surrounding the Holocaust. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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