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Academic papers on Health Care

Health Care In The United States
This 5 page paper explores the health care delivery system, its problems, and possible solutions. Also included in the discussion are issues such as vaccine research and development, the use of information technology in the field as well as the...
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Medicare PPS And The Balanced Budget Act Of 1997
This 45 page paper explores the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, the prospective payment system instituted, and the effect on Medicare beneficiaries. Specifically, the writer offers a proposal for a study focusing on the increased costs for seniors as a...
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Healthcare For The Uninsured
In the United States, the healthcare system has developed in such a manner that it has become necessary to either have health insurance or rely on government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to meet essential needs. The economic recession of...
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Allied Healthcare Careers : Healthcare in America is within a transitory period where the role of the professional is being questioned as well as the option of healthcare as a career. Despite the questions and changes, the medical profession remains a p
anesthesiologist's assistants, physicians assistants, cardiovascular technologists, histologic technologists, medical laboratory technicians, medical record technicians, nuclear medicine technicians, radiology technicians, nurses, respiratory...
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Using A Primary Care Physician
The rising cost of health care ushered in the health management organization (HMO) or 'managed care' concept of the past two decades. In managed care the patient chooses a primary care physician (PCP) that oversees their medical interactions, often...
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Screening Tool For Primary Care
It would be expected that heavy drinking and alcohol abuse and, or, dependence among primary care patients would be reflective of or greater than the general population. A screening tool that would be of great benefit if included as part of the...
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Middle Class Americans & Health Insurance Coverage
A 15 page paper discussing the social and economic factors contributing to the increasing number of middle-class Americans who have no health-insurance coverage. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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What is the Cost of Reducing Medical Care?
A 5 page paper discussing the inevitable decline in health care and the cost of that reduction. Opinions vary from consumer to HMO provider to physician to hospital. There is perhaps no one solution to the problem but rather it is compromise in many...
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The U.S. Health Care System / A Comprehensive Overview
A 10 page research paper focusing on the U.S. Health Care System. The effects of reforms on physicians, families, seniors, health care administrators are discussed. Managed Care Organizations and HMOs are explained with a discussion of the increase...
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The Differences Between HMOs and PPOs / Positive & Negative
This 18 page report discusses health maintenance organizations (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) from the viewpoint of their difference, what the published literature has said about the two, and the development of an informational...
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Pros and Cons of Managed Care
An 11 page overview of managed care citing the pros and cons of HMOs and PPOs. The writer focuses on past abuses and how these have been mitigated by the combined efforts of public, business, medical professionals and the government. Also...
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US Health Care & The HMOs
An 8 page paper discussing the changes in the managed health care delivery systems of the US. The health care industry has seen sweeping changes in the past decade, and though the reputation gained by the overall concept of managed care and HMOs...
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Managed Health Care: HMOs in New York
This 14 page paper, which includes 4 charts, discusses managed care in general and HMOs in New York in particular. Many aspects are addressed including financial, as well as staffing and legal considerations. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
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HMO / An Historical Examination
An 8 page paper on the introduction and reasons behind the development of HMOs. The paper discusses how the HMO has developed into the managed health care system of today, the costs and ethics surrounding profit-driven health care systems. In...
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Problems With HMOs / Analysis
This 12 page research paper provides a detailed analysis of the "downside" of health maintenance organizations, or HMOs. Specifically addressed is an overview of the problem, along with individual case studies which demonstrate HMO ineffectiveness....
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