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Academic papers on Global & Comparative Politics

The Everyday Effects of the International Marketplace
A 5 page research paper on how the global economy affects Americans every day. The writer details job loss, changes in industries, political implications, and what consumer goods are available. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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The Social, Political, Technological, Environmental, & Economic Circumstances of the Global Human Population
In 8 pages the author discusses the social, political, technological, envrironmental, and economic circumstances of the global human population. The author concludes that "the global human population is fast growing as a crux for a multitude of...
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The Population Explosion Of The 20th Century / What Will Be Its Outcome ?
In 5 pages the author discusses the population explosion that has become rampant in the world, and the possible outcome of the population explosion. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Sociological Aspects of 3rd World Poverty
A 10 page paper on how the world in light of shared technology and new democracies has caused alarm for peoples in third world countries, whose natural and human resources have been utilized in the past by first world countries to maintain economic...
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The Third World
A 5 page paper discussing the Third World and their present, as well as past, situation in relationship with poverty, as it relates to the book edited by Jonathan S. Petrikin entitled, 'The Third World.' These countries have long been considered to...
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The Importance of Women's Rights in the International Community
5 pages in length. The author discusses the need for women's rights activists in the international community and gives examples of the current treatment of women. Several platforms for change are discussed. Bibliography included.
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Human Rights / Economic & Political Views
An 8 page research essay on the current human rights issues facing the United Nations, and the economic, political and religious aspects of the struggle for global equity. The writer argues that although the sheer number of human rights violations...
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Human Rights, The U.N., and Global Participation
An 8 page research paper in which the writer assesses the importance of human rights issues in the eyes of the United Nations. Discussed are the Human Rights Commission, the State Security Investigation of Egypt, and various other organizations...
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Sovereignty & International Relations
A 7 page essay on the issues surrounding organizational sovereignty on an international level. The paper focuses on the United Nations and its relationship to other nations around the world, including the US, Asia and Middle East. The paper...
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The U.N., State Sovereignty, & Human Rights
A 4 page paper on U.N. efforts to protect human rights and state sovereignty in countries around the world. According to the writer, the United Nations have traditionally been very outspoken -- going against human rights violations, but really doing...
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State Sovereignty, Self-Determination, & The United Nations
A 28 page comprehensive research paper on self-determination and the world's role in promoting independence. The writer examines Woodrow Wilson's original doctrine and the United Nations mandates that followed. State sovereignty is looked at both...
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The United Nations: Strengths and Weaknesses
A 6 page discussion of the importance of the United Nations. Outlines importance of the United States in shaping UN policies and concludes that the UN is a necessary entity but one which should not be allowed to emphasize economics over human...
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Death Of Sovereignty - Neorealism, Liberalism & International Political History
An 8 page paper that responds to the charge that sovereignty is dying in the current international political system and then applies neorealist and liberal political perspectives to demonstrate the argument. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Losing Control? Sovereignty In An Age Of Globalization / Book Analysis
A 6 page paper that overviews and analyzes Sassen's book. Discussions include the economic globalization process, immigration, and the sovereignty of the state, or the loss of its sovereignty.
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The U.N. Commission On Narcotics & Drugs
Increased cooperation among the Koreas has brought positive results in the worldwide war against narcotics but its production, trafficking and consumption remain a major problem in the region. In this 2 page paper, the writer evaluates United...
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