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Academic papers on German Literature

Erich M. Remarque/All Quiet on the Western Front
A 5 page essay that examines the perspective on reality taken by Remarque in discussing the horrors of war during WWI. The reader follows the perspective of the protagonist, Paul Baumer, as he goes from being an idealistic youth to a hardened,...
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Bertolt Brecht: Controversy Over Authorship
This 5 page paper examines the question of who really wrote the plays of Bertolt Brecht. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Gabriele the Fragile: Thomas Mann
(5 pp.) Our challenge in this discussion is to examine the nature of "Gabriele" in Thomas Mann's novelle Tristan, We will look at the relationship of this woman to her art and her death. Are they related. Or was her death a mere...
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Role of Son in The Judgment and The Stoker
Kafka is attributed with saying that psychology does not matter and that the world takes on the form it is supposed to eventually, despite analysis. Yet, all of Kafka
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Why Gregor Samsa Must Become the Beetle
Gregor Samsa, a traveler, awakes to find that his body is hard and armour plated with a
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