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Academic papers on French Literature

Samuel Beckett/Waiting for Godot
A 5 page essay that, first of all, summarizes the action of Beckett's award winning play. Then, the writer attempts to unravel some of the complex symbolism that gives this play its unique character. No additional sources cited.
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Charles Baudelaire/A Dark Version of Romanticism
A 5 page research paper that examines poetry by French poet Charles Baudelaire. The writer argues that while the romanticism of Wordsworth, Keats and Shelley concentrated, for the most part, on the inspiring beauty of the natural world, Baudelaire's...
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Images of Love in Three French Novels
(10pp). One would think that images of love would transcend whatever language - at least in that romantic part of our brain we hope they will. But is that possible, do we love differently when we are young, than when we are in the middle...
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Marie de France/The Lais
An 8 page research paper that examines the work of Marie de France (circa 1155-1170), a French poet, whose work offers a fascinating view into what life was like for the medieval French noblewoman. Her surviving works are a collection of 'Lais,'...
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Perspective Narrative in Camus' The Outsider
( 8 pp.) The philosophy of The Outsider (1942) is a philosophy of the absurd. The narrator of the piece is a middle-class bachelor, Monsieur Meursault; we are told that he is viewed as someone of little if any consequence. And the...
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This 4 page paper discusses the element of hope in Andre Breton's book, Nadja. Quotes cited from the text. Bibliography lists 1 source.
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L'attente de Vladimir sur Godot
La vie est ce qui sentir Vladimir veut se sentir, toucher et. L'estragon ne comprend pas les d
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