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Academic papers on Europe'S General History & Culture

The City That Welcomes the World
This five-page paper provides an inside look at the city of Kiev, Ukraine. The sights, sounds and smells of the new tourist attraction are described in detail. Bibliography lists four sources.
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The Prospect of Territorial Settlement in Cyprus
This 14 page paper considers the situation and search for peace in Cyprus over the past five years. The influence and attempts of the United Nations, the G8 countries and the European Union are all considered with the final factor being the natural...
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European Law and Employment
8 pages. The purpose of this paper is to consider a case concerning full and part time employees in London. The case, one that is conceived solely from the imagination will still be able to give an overview of European Law and how employees should...
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Early European Monopolies (16th-19th Centuries)
This is a 7 page paper. It discusses the Colonies/countries the Europeans managed outside Europe --socially & economically. This paper has 7 sources cited.
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This 10-page paper discusses the life of Wolfgang Mozart in Prague, which was then the capital of Bohemia. The paper examines both the influence of prague on Mozart's writing, as well as the influence of Mozart on the city of Prague itself. ...
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This 3-page paper discusses issues relating to Athens, in Ancient Greece, and the view that Pericles had of this city-state. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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