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Academic papers on Supreme Court & Constitutional Law

John Stuart Mill: Freedom of Speech and Tolerating the Intolerable
A 3 page discussion of Mills views on the importance of Freedom of Speech. Uses Supreme Court cases to reinforce Mills view of negative freedom and tolerating the intolerable in order to provide the greatest benefit to the greatest number of...
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Freedom of Information Act Test Case.
(5 pp) The supposed boon of living in a democracy is that one has the right to apply to a court of law concerning complex decisions. This discussion will provide such a legal challenge and opportunity. The Freedom of Information Act is...
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Watch "People v. Larry Flynt" in Media Law
(5 pp) "If the First Amendment will protect a scumbag like me, then it will protect all of you. Because I'm the worst." Shocking? Perverted? Or - just the every day words of porno king and owner, of Hustler Magazine, Larry Flynt? Are we...
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Pre-Trial Identification
(5 pp). Pre-trial identification involves both the person and the action or supposed crime in a criminal or civil case of law. Before any proceedings can be done the person's true and natural identity must be verified, and supporting ...
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Federalism In Action
John Locke is purported to be the inspiration for federalism which is the basis for the American form of government. This 5 page paper explores the meaning of federalism and then applies what is known to the supreme court case of Quill Corp. v....
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Separation Of Church And State
The separation of church and state is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States as a means to preserving religious freedom. This 10 page paper explores the reasons why the Church should not be allowed to enter into politics....
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This 8 page paper argues the legendary case about wiretaps and the legality of using them on a phone booth. The case of Katz v US is examined and the role of the petitioner is assumed. Opening statements and closing argument included. Bibliography...
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Flag Burning: United States v. Eichmann
This paper looks at U.S. v. Eichmann, including the facts of the case, constitutional issues presented, majority decision and rationale, dissent and rationale, and analysis of the decision on society. Bibliography lists 2 sources. JVeichma.rtf
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Legal Overview on Battered Woman/Child Syndrome and Prevention of Forecasted Criminal Behavior
Overviews and ramifications of case law on battered woman syndrome (Ibn-Tamis, Nixon) and battered child syndrome (Jahnke, Nemeth) criminal defenses, and how laws concerning prevention of forecasted criminal behavior (Tarasoff, Thompson v. Alameda,...
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Medicare Fraud and Abuse
The 1990s into the new century have seen a cleanup of Medicare fraud and abuse through various case law filed under the False Claims Act (FCA) 31 U.S.C. Section 3729 et seq., and subsequent passage of privacy acts. Two of these cases were U.S. v....
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Summary of Brown V. Board of Education
This is a 3 page paper which discusses the Supreme Court Case of Brown V. Board of Education. The bibliography has 3 sources.
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Faith-Based Prison Programs/Constitutionality
A 3 page essay on the constitutionality of faith-based prison programs, in which the writer argues that they are unconstitutional. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Gun control
An 11 page paper which considers the issues for and against gun control legislation, and concludes that gun control legislation will not be effective. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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Pros and Cons of the entrenching the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms within the Canadian Constitution
This 4 page argument and analysis argues against entrenchment of the Civil Rights Charter within the Constitution as it stands as a legal precedent within the rule of law. Bibliography lists 11 sources.
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Supreme Court Case
This 5-page paper examines the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and how the Supreme Court ruled on an imaginary court case regarding searches and seizures. There are 4 sources cited.
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