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Academic papers on Colonial & Pre-Colonial America

The Treatment of the Indians by the Spanish in the New World
6 pages in length. Discusses the Spanish in the New World and how they considered the natives to be slave labor. The perception of the natives by the Spanish, including encomiendas. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Morgan/critical analysis of 'Am. Slavery, Am. Freedom'
A 5 page essay that summarizes and analyzes Edmund S. Morgan's book 'American Slavery, American Freedom.' Morgan argues that the simultaneous development of slavery and freedom represents the central paradox of early American history. This text goes...
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Christopher Columbus/ 1493 letter
A 5 page research paper that examines the early correspondence of Christopher Columbus, looking at how his letters expressed the European view of Native Americans and their reactions to them and the resources of the New World. Bibliography lists 4...
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The Iroquois Fur Trade Wars
(6 pp) "As to the natives of this country, I find them entirely savage and wild, strangers to all decency, yea, uncivil and stupid as garden poles, proficient in all wickedness and godlessness; devilish men, who serve nobody but the Devil
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Post-Colonialism in the Caribbean as Viewed Through Literature
An 8 page overview of the horrors of European colonization in the Caribbean and how many aspects of this colonization translate over into the post-Colonial experience. Utilizes George William Lamming's "In the Castle of My Skin" and Edwidge...
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The Scarlet A as in Letter.
(8pp). We have been told that cultures with more complex ideas, more readily responded to the development of a written language. Not only was writing used for the keeping of records in these early societies, but it was also used for...
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The Cortes Point of View Compared to that of Diaz del Castillo
This 9 page report discusses how the conquest of Mexico by Hernan Cortes has been glorified, mythologized, and vilified, even though his actual achievements were significantly more modest than popular history records. This report considers the...
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Colonial Opposites: Massachusetts and Virginia
(5 pp) The colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia had very little in common. Although they were both English colonies, they had different societies, different local governments and different values. This discussion will examine those...
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"Remember the Ladies!" Abigail Adams, Author.
(5pp) As the wife of the second president, and the mother of the sixth, Abigail Adams was in a historic "front-row seat" to record America's early times and political history. She did this through active correspondence, and has provided a...
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Writing History: Smith And Mather
In the early 1600's Captain John Smith was among the first to settle in the 'new world'. In 1616 he wrote A description Of New England. In 1702, Cotton Mather published his Magnalia Christi Americana, a collection of stories...
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The Evolution of European Perceptions
5 pages. Beginning in the twelfth century and continuing through the eighteenth century, Europeans had increasing contact with non-European people and began forming opinions about the world outside Europe. This paper is an evaluation of how those...
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Railroads and Their Impact on Urban Early America:
This 13 page paper discusses the emergence of railroads in early colonial America and the impact of these railroads on cities. There were many reasons why railroads prompted urbanization and these are discussed extensively in this paper. ...
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The Bill of Rights:
This 5 page paper presents a thorough analysis of The Bill of Rights. Included are many specifics from how this bill originated to how it applies today. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Two Historical Papers: The English Civil War and Puritanism and the American Colonies
This is a 6 page paper in tutorial language which includes two short historical papers: one on the English Civil War(s) from 1625 to 1649 which were also termed the
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The Changing Face of Freedom in America
A 6 page paper that examines the history of America's association with freedom and the changes that this association has undergone since the nation's birth. Discussed is the meaning of freedom during the birth of the nation, throughout the...
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