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Academic papers on Child Psychology

Early Childhood Development
An 8 page research paper that examines Piaget's period of childhood development. The writer also offers practical application of this knowledge mainly as it is applied in Montessori classrooms. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Television's Influence on Children
A 6 page research paper that examines the influence that television has on children. The writer focuses particularly on the negative effects of television violence and stresses that parental involvement is needed to mitigate and control television...
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Neil Postman/Disappearance of Childhood
A 10 page analysis of Neil Postman's book, The Disappearance of Childhood. In this book, Postman argues passionately that we are taking childhood away from our children. He presents an argument that encompasses not only the recent evolution of our...
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Erik Erikson / Implications For Infant And Toddler Care-Givers
This 10 page paper discusses Erikson's theories regarding psycho-social development and play. Like many personality theorists, Erikson believed that the child must progress through these stages in order to develop a healthy personality. Failure to...
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Comparing Two Books on Children
An 8 page comparison of Kathleen Berger's The Developing Person Through the Life Span and Marjorie Taylor's Imaginary Companions and the Children Who Create Them. These two very different books each address the way that human personality develops....
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Dave Pelzer/ A Child called 'It'
A 5 page research paper that focuses on Dave Pelzer's autobiographical account of a tortured childhood, A Child called 'It'. In examining this book, the writer first looks at how Pelzer's account fits in with current theory relating to family...
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Children Today Are Not Encouraged to Use Their Imaginations
This 5 page essay provides five examples of how children are not placed in circumstances which foster creativity. The examples are excessive television viewing, electronic gaming, traditional schooling, traditional community activities and...
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Children and Divorce: The Advantages of Group Therapy
A 9 page overview of the many impacts divorces inflicts on children. Emphasizes that group therapy can go a long way toward resolving these impacts and in optimizing child welfare. Concludes, however, that group therapy, however, is just as...
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Single System Design and Intervention -- A Four-Year-Old
This 20 page report discusses the study of one four-year-old child
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When Moms Work
5 pages. Daycare is not merely a place for parents to dump their children while they are at work all day; rather, it is an environment of inspiration, motivation and understanding. Where else can a toddler come into contact with so many various...
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Television and Youth Violence
5 pages. Why is it that we are hearing more and more about violent crimes committed by children? The fairly recent phenomenon of school-aged kids killing their classmates and teachers for nothing more than the thrill of the act has parents and...
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This 7 page paper discusses the way parents over emphasize learning with their infants to the detriment of overall development and well being of the child. Quotes cited from texts of experts in field. Bibliography lists 6 soruces.
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Cognitive Development In Africa
A 6 page paper. The writer offers different types of information including how certain African tribes view intelligence and what is most important. The essay reports studies in two regions that demonstrated giving children certain dietary...
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Piaget, Erikson, Kohlberg Developmental Theories
An 8 page paper that identifies three similarities and three differences between and among these theories. Key concepts for each theory are presented. The writer comments on the importance of knowing these theories and on the inter-relationships...
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Jean Piaget and the Importance of Direct Learning in Childhood Development
This is a 7 page paper that provides an overview of the childhood development theories of Jean Piaget. It broadly examines the social, cognitive, and emotional/moral dimensions of human development. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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