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Academic papers on Campaigns, Elections & Politicians

This 5 page essay presents definitions and views on patriotism in the United States. The focus of the paper is on how patriotism can be preserved. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Jim Hightower/Political Commentary
A 10 page summation and analysis of political commentator Jim Hightower's new book, "If the gods had meant us to vote they would have given us candidates." The writer argues that although this is a very funny book, it contains a serious message...
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Campaign Finance Reform
(5pp). In 1974 Congress passed a set of laws that changed the amount of money which could be donated to an individual campaign. Contributions to candidates are now limited to $1,000, per contributor, that's called hard money. But of...
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Campaign Finance Reform/Bush & Gore
A 5 page research paper that investigates the stands of both nominees for the presidency during the 2000 election on the issue of campaign finance reform. The writer discusses the issues on this topic and whether or not it impacted the election...
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So YA Wanna be President of the ol US of A?
(6 pp) When I first learned of elections in Civics 101, one thing I remember thinking to myself was that I would never want to be president of the United States. Here it is a thousand years later, and I still have not changed by mind. ...
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Expert and Non-expert Roles: The Institutionalization of Politics
For political activists, candidates and the media, the question of roles, and which one is the best to use in any circumstance, is raised every day. On any given issue, what roles do experts, non-experts and others play in a political event? The...
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Congressman Henry A. Waxman has long been a proponent of science, and the most outspoken U.S. Congressman since 1974, according to Julie Wakeman, writing for Scientific American. Until the George W. Bush administration, Waxman has been instrumental...
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