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CYA In The Workplace
5 pages in length. The workplace has become a battle zone within the past couple of decades as more and more issues arise that test the very framework of interoffice harmony. Jobs are no longer protected by the silent oath of loyalty; in fact, in...
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TQM And Organizational Culture
6 pages in length. The writer discusses organizational culture in TQM as follows: cultural change; organizational learning; assessing organizational cultures; and difficulties in figuring change. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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SWOT Analysis for Coral Diver Resort
This 4 page report discusses a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of the Coral Diver Resort in terms of its ability to compete with resorts in the Bahamas and Mexico. The owner of the resort is looking at several options...
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Project Management Models
An 11 page paper that discusses several project management models/tools, including PERT, Gantt, resource planning, event analysis, fault tree, and decision tree models. Two illustrations are provided to demonstrate how Gantt and event analysis can...
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Modern Concepts of Free Enterprise and Microsoft
This 15 page report discusses the American system of free enterprise and the ways in which it can actually hinder the development and expansion of a company such as Microsoft. At one time, most people saw Microsoft as the embodiment of free...
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The Global Climate and The World Around Us:
This seven-page-paper presents and in-depth discussion ion the effects of global warming on the planet. It outlines the causes and the future if something is not done to stop it. Bibliography lists four sources.
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Performance Management Systems
The current trend toward Total Quality Management has engendered a multitude of performance management systems meant to increase worker productivity as well as company profits. This 7 page paper argues that the incorporation of the 360 degree...
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Alan R. Raedels/ Value-Focused Supply Mgmt.
A 5 page analysis and review of Alan R. Raedels book, 'Value-Focused Supply Management.' Third in a series of books that are designed to assist individuals who are preparing for the Certified Purchasing Manager exams, Raedels gives a comprehensive...
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The Changing Context of Work and Human Relations -- The Example of the Police Service Field
This 6 page report discusses the contemporary world
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Brian Joiner/ "4th Generation Mgmt."
A 6 page review of Joiner's book Fourth Generation Management. In this text, Joiner gives the reader a coherent and concise synthesis of some of the best management ideas available, and ties them together using the framework of his "fourth...
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Trends in Marketing Practice
A 5 page research paper that contrasts and compares three business books-- Built to Last by James Collins and Jerry Porras; Microsoft First Generation by Cheryl Tsang; and The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al and Laura Ries. Each of these books...
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Alderfer's Motivational Theory
This 5 page paper explores the idea of motivation and examines the theory presented by Clayton Alderfer in his book, Existence, Relatedness and Growth. No additional sources are listed.
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Baldridge Assessment Project.
(5 pp). The Baldrige Award's strategy is to create an evolving body of knowledge in the United States by encouraging the learning and sharing of competitive knowledge. The Baldrige Award application provides a broad framework for...
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Analytical Business Paper: Emotions and Leadership
(5 pp). Emotions, used appropriately have a valid place in the business organizational scheme. It is acceptance and management of emotions in a healthy way that provides the key to a stable workforce in a viable workplace. Bibliography...
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Position Paper: Implementation of Learning Team(s
(5 pp) Learning teams are popular learning tools,because they bridge the gap between theory and application. A targeted learning team approach addresses both individual and organizational needs-it's not just about problem solving but...
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