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Academic papers on Astronomy

The Phenomenon of the Aurorae
This 15 page paper provides an overview of the phenomenon called the aurorae. This paper outlines the history of the discovery, the basic elements involved in the formation, the different types, and the nature of the aurora borealis, or northern...
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Energy Generation in the Sun and Stars
A 9 page overview of the method of energy generation by the Sun, specifically the nuclear aspects of this generation. Discussed are the basic processes that lead to energy generation, the reactions that take place, and the mathematical and...
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The Evolution of Climate on Terrestrial Planets
This 7 page report discusses the evolution of climate on the terrestrial planets. The idea of climate on the terrestrial planets is centered on the long-term effect of the sun's radiation on the rotating Earth
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Astronauts, Cosmonauts & the Great Space Race
An 8 page thesis essay which confirms the technological preeminence given America for being the first nation on the moon, but which also analyzes the closeness of the race and the competency of the Russian cosmonauts. The "rude awakening"...
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How Has the Earth's Atmosphere Evolved?
A 5 page paper discussing changes in the Earth's atmosphere over the last several million years. It is possible that the secondary atmosphere (the first was probably lost) contained even more carbon dioxide than that of today. Volcanic activity...
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Life on Mars
A 7 page paper which argues that there was, at least during some time in the past, life on the planet Mars. This subject is causing a great deal of controversy in the past few years, with just as many arguing that there is life, as there is not....
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Astronomy and Telecommunications
A 5 page paper which discusses the relationship between astronomy and telecommunications today. Without an adequate knowledge of astronomy, we would certainly not be in a position to even possess the capability to communicate using satellites and...
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Greek Astronomy
In 8 pages, the author discusses what the early Greeks knew about astronomy and how they knew this information. Many early Greeks are associated with astronomy. They include, among others, Thales, Socrates of Athens, Plato of Athens, Eudoxus of...
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Three Models of the Universe: A Comparison of the Theories of Ptolemy, Copernicus and Hipparchus
A 5 page discussion of the heliocentric theory verses the geocentric theory in astronomy. Compares the early attempts at mathematical modeling and explains how the heliocentric theory is supported by such modeling while early attempts at modeling...
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The Stars and the Trees: Their roles for mankind:
4 pages in length. Astronomy is an ancient science almost as old as the universe itself. From the beginning of time man has studied the stars, imagining pictures in the sky and relying on the fact that they will always be there to guide and...
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Mars: Our Future in Space
A 7 page discussion of the Mars exploration program. Emphasizes the reasons behind our obsession with Mars exploration and traces the revised plans for that exploration which have been fabricated since the loss of two U.S. spacecraft in 1999....
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Pluto Is No Planet
In this 3-page paper, the reason behind Pluto's new status is examined. There are 3 sources included.
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