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Academic papers on Alternative Medicine & Holistic Approaches

Holistic Nursing: Addressing the Need for Transcultural Nursing Approaches
This 5 page paper considers the need for transcultural nursing approaches within a holistic nursing model. This paper reflects upon the impacts of transcultural approaches and relates the premises of theorists like Watson, who make distinct links...
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Kick Butt in Public: Banning Smoking in Public Places
A 6 page paper in which the writer discusses the problems secondhand tobacco smoke creates in the workplace, educational settings, and in socializing environments. How this may contribute to the problems of the smoker in these places will be...
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Hemp -- Industrial and Health Applications and Advantages
This 5 page report discusses hemp (Cannabis sativa, C. indica), part of the same plant family as marijuana. Hemp does not have the narcotic kick that marijuana does. Its value lies in its fibers. Hemp fibers are twice as long and stronger than...
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Narrative and Experential Therapies.
(8pp)Therapy involving families or individuals is seldom easy or singular in nature. This paper examines the similarities and differences of experiential and narrative therapies, through the applicable work of Virginia Satir and Michael...
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"Art" of Nursing/ Julia Cameron
A 5 page research paper that examines the ramification that holistic nursing practice and theory is having on the profession. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Yoga & the Eight Fold Path
(3 pp). The Eight Fold Path, a basic tenant of Buddhism, is a strong emotional outline or framework , for the modern holistic health movement. Holistic health is a theory that believes good mental health is essential to good physical...
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An Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine
An Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine: This 11-page essay gives a comprehensive overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its origin, common practices, success rate, treatment modalities, etc. are examined, along with a comparison of theories...
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Kolcaba and Comfort Theory
For centuries, the depiction of a nurse in art is one of a person professionally dressed, but offering something of herself. That nurse is offering comfort, something decidedly outside of medical patient care, something beyond the auspices of...
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