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Academic papers on Africa

Africa / A Continental Overview
A 6 page essay providing an overview of the continent's history, geography, religion and art. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Changes In South Africa / Coming Of The White Man
A 4 page paper analyzing the influences of imperialism on South Africa from 1870-1936. The author presents the social and individual impact of colonization of South Africa by the White, Christian European (British) forces and the impact that changes...
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After Apartheid
A 2 page essay about sociopolitical conditions for Blacks in South Africa since the collapse of apartheid. Bibliography lists 4 references.
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South Africa / Political & Social Change Since The End Of Apartheid
This 8 page paper looks at contemporary South Africa. Ideas from Nelson Mandela's 'Long Walk to Freedom' are included. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Managerial Practices In South Africa / After Apartheid
A 10 page research paper exploring changes in managerial practices since the collapse of the Apartheid system. Significant changes are being made in the structure of business practices in the last few years. Aggressive promotion of privatization and...
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Modern South Africa / History, Government & Bureaucracy
This 12 page paper looks at how modern South Africa came into being. The writer assesses what the country's primary challenges were . . . and still are. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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South Africa 1990 - 1996
A 10 page historical overview of the death of apartheid and the emergence of government by the majority. The first six years of life without apartheid has been a segment of time that could serve to set the tone of the next several decades. It is...
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The Economics of Apartheid
A 6 page discussion of South African apartheid, its beginning and its uprooting. Provides an emphasis of the advancement of blacks in the workplace through the unified front of black unions and statutory reform. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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South Africa: Where it's Been and Where It's Going
A 5 page research paper that looks at the lingering effects of apartheid on South Africa; and, which also spotlights the careers of Nelson Mandela and Dr. Sindiwe Magona. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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South Africa's Electoral System
A 10 page paper discussing the framework, the list proportional representation electoral system, by which it has conducted its first two national elections after the end of apartheid. The system allows many parties to be heard, but often can block...
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(The) Soweto Uprising
15 pages in length. A comprehensive research paper on the Soweto uprising arguing that "it was not simply the nature of Bantu Education itself, but changing economic policies of the government, the changing demographics of students in the...
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Doing Business in South Africa
3 pages of research discussing obstacles faced by foreign (U.S.) businesses wishing to operate in South Africa since apartheid. Focus is on Goodyear. 1 source listed in bibliography.
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Contemporary South Africa
A 9 page paper that looks at the economic, political and social changes in the newly developing South Africa outside of the rule of apartheid. Since the first free election in that country in 1994, a number of changes have occured that are directly...
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African-American Art & Apartheid
A 5 page paper that considers the impacts of African American art and artists on the transition from Apartheid rule and suggest that the prevellence of compassionate correlations made in American art have underscored the imperative of black artists...
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Civil War in Southern Africa
Civil wars in Southern Africa have brought devastation on all levels - from political upheaval to famine, genocide and mass displacement. The diversity and history of conflict have added to systems of corrupt and, or, inept governments to bring most...
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