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Welcome to Your Essay Site (YES) and thank you for visiting. YES is the sister site of Research Haven, a web site dedicated to assisting students succeed in their academic careers. Research Haven was developed in 1996 and has slowly grown from one or two pages to almost 100 web pages including several hundred links to other sites.

Research Haven provides a manual of sorts on how to write an essay or term paper with topics ranging from how to properly research and essay, online dictionaries, online chat engines to citing your research papers electronic sources. Our writing style guides dedicated to MLA, APA, and APSA formats have been sourced by numerous schools and professors over the years to assist their students in writing their essays, research papers, term papers and book reports. Although small in comparison to many of the other sites out there, we have a nice following of a few hundred visitors a day.Research Haven has its own market, so Your Essay Site was created to supplement many of our other services to help students better manage their time.

Research is painful and time consuming, choosing the proper essay, research papers, term paper or book report topic can be mind boggling. Your Essay Site is here to assist you in getting a great jump onto your academic term.

No matter what your paper topic is, our list of common essay topics, research papers topics, book report topics and research paper topics are a great place to get your research juices flowing. Check out our sample essays to help you tune your research ideas into that perfect essay. Having trouble balancing your work load or need some professionally researched primary and secondary sources, our team of academic researchers are here to assist.

Take a look around and be sure to come back as the first stop in researching all your essays, term papers, book reports and research papers.

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